Dannion Brinkley: Sudden Psychic Awakening – Sun Square Uranus and a Grand Water Trine

On the fateful day of September 17th, 1975, Dannion Brinkley experienced a life-altering event when lightning struck him as he innocently used the telephone in is home. The ensuing consequences were profound, as he found himself clinically dead for a staggering 28 minutes. Yet, in the midst of this darkness, something remarkable happened. Dannion emerged from the clutches of death with visions of an afterlife, forever changing the course of his existence. Brinkley asserts that this brush with mortality gifted him a set of extraordinary abilities: the power of clairvoyance and psychic insight. In the aftermath of his near-death experience, he began to share prophecies that were purportedly transmitted to him during that fateful year of 1975.

Astrologically speaking, the transits occurring at the time of Dannion’s lightning strike may shed light on what happened. Transiting Uranus, the harbinger of awakened energies and sudden revelations, was at a critical juncture at 0 degrees in the transformative sign of Scorpio. The Uranus transit formed a square aspect to his natal Sun, and this set the stage for a period of sudden change and regeneration.

In his book, “The Gods of Change: Pain, Crisis, and the Transits of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto,” Howard Sasportas explores the transformative impact of transiting Uranus in square with the Sun. This  transit stirs within us a sense of excitement and unpredictability, akin to being “wired” and buzzing with new ideas. It often ushers in surprising events, shocks, and newfound revelations. Such a transit serves as a catalyst, liberating previously stifled energies and transforming one’s perspective on life in its entirety. Naturally, this upheaval also brings forth heightened nervous tension, disruptions, and abrupt changes.

Delving deeper into Dannion’s astrological blueprint, we find an exact Jupiter trine Uranus aspect in his birth chart. Its placed within the water signs, signifying the potential for spiritual, emotional, and healing breakthroughs. With the lucky touch of Jupiter, the planet of expansion and philosophical exploration, individuals blessed with this natal combination may encounter extraordinary knowledge and stumble upon new revelations, enabling them to become more acutely aware of their own existence. When lightning coursed through Dannion’s being, awakening him to the mysteries of the afterlife, transiting Uranus in Scorpio formed a  Grand Water Trine with his natal Jupiter trine Uranus.

The water trines, in particular, enhance intuitive faculties, sensitivities, and artistic expression, imbuing individuals with a deep sense of empathy and creativity. Moreover, the connection between transiting Neptune and natal Mercury at the time, through yet another trine formation, elevates the mind’s receptivity to otherworldly realms, inspiring a heightened sensitivity and a wellspring of inspiration.

I was able to count the beings as they stood behind the podium. There were thirteen of them, standing shoulder to shoulder and stretched across the stage. I was aware of other things about them, too, probably through some form of telepathy. Each one of them represented a different emotional and psychological characteristic that all humans have. For example, one of these beings was intense and passionate, while another was artistic and emotional. One was bold and energetic, yet another possessive and loyal. In human terms, it was as though each one represented a different sign of the zodiac. In spiritual terms, these beings went far beyond the signs of the zodiac. They emanated these emotions in such a way that I could feel them.