a_moment_in_heaven_by_lifebug-d4uf5xeThose with Venus conjunct, square, or opposite Uranus in Synastry create exciting sparks in relationships. Romance and excitement are part of this synastry contact and it can show a relationship that feels as if it is developing too fast.

Often these two planets are the stuff that whirlwind romances are made of. A person who sweeps us off our feet and takes us by complete surprise.

One person in the relationship may have an insistence upon freedom that challenges the values and self-worth of the other. Uranus contacts are not considered a steady feature in synastry, but in reality, it comes down to how powerful the aspect is in the chart. A combination of heavy Saturn/earth aspects and lots of emotional/water connections will ground the relationship and it will be less erratic.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise had this aspect in synastry (double whammy) and in the composite chart! They had this super-fast love-affair after Tom swept Katie off her feet and declared his love publicly and took Katie by surprise. The connection quickly broke down and Katie surprised Tom with a sudden divorce.

“In their synastry chart Venus the planet of love, relationship and affection conjuncts Uranus (unusual, magnetic, and instant). A Venus-Uranus contact is an exciting pairing, but a normal stable routine in the relationship is often hard to maintain. Venus-Uranus contacts break away from what society considers a ‘normal’ relationship.

Tom and Katie’s Venus square Uranus synastry contact is exact and Venus also conjuncts Uranus in the composite chart. The same pattern repeats in both natal charts. It signifies a relationship that is magnetic, unusual and free from convention. It can also speak of unpredictability and restless conditions between them both. The rest of the synastry chart will clue us in on how unpredictable the relationship really is underneath.

Tom’s own natal Venus-Uranus contact is conjunct Kate’s Leo Ascendant. The relationship was an instant attraction. Leo is a fixed sign and there is a powerful magnetic quality here too. Tom’s Uranus in Leo also forms a square to Katie’s Venus in Scorpio and jolts (Uranus) Katie into awareness of her own deep sexuality and sensual beauty (Venus). However, it can at times get a little too uncomfortable because she values privacy; intimacy and deep love and seeks a partnership that provides emotional depth (Venus in Scorpio).”

Conflicts happen when one person pushes for more freedom and the other person is jealous and possessive (look at natal charts for signs). Uranus has the power to awaken the other person’s values, love nature, and sexuality. If it sits powerfully across the two charts and aspects the angles it can show a magnetic attraction to one another, and a taste for rebellion in this interaction.

A significant Venus-Uranus contact in synastry may indicate unstable affections, instability and infidelity in the relationship. Uranus can throw sudden change into the interaction and the inter-aspect creates a lightning bolt between the two of you. It could show an unpredictable interaction that is always on and off. One person may feel the need to go off and do something more exciting.

One partner may love the other’s originality and different qualities. Sometimes the relationship with the person can feel freeing and they develop in new ways. The Uranus person feels like a breath of fresh air bringing in new opportunities to develop their Venus profile. Venus rules what we love, value and find beautiful in life. The interaction can be a colorful one, and involves developing as individuals and letting the sparks take them somewhere new.