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Moon-Pluto: The Dark Side of Families

Question: I am curious about the relation to having Moon-Pluto and a difficult childhood. I came to this thought after reading many personal stories of people with Pluto Moons and, over and over again, seeing stories of them as children suffering abuse, manipulation, being their families scapegoat, etc. The childhood of Moon-Pluto described by psychological astrologers often sounds like Grimms Fucked Up Tales of Abuse. The hard aspects, quite frequently, relate to family taboos and skeletons in the closet: trauma or violation in the family, disablement, death, madness, hidden siblings, abuse, violence, suicide, murder, incest, or a poisonous past. Pluto is associated with the dark, and with the subterranean realm, as well as with the feminine. The person with the Moon in aspect to Pluto is super sensitive to anything shady, dangerous, and threatening going on. And sees untruth like others see art; they can’t define it, but they know it when they see it. The scapegoat relation is common with powerful Pluto aspects and is always the product of a stressful family or misfortune or tragic conditions. Sometimes the Moon-Pluto child has an emotional, psychological or physical problem that draws attention, but often the family turns their wrath upon them when anything terrible happens and so they’re made to feel rotten, slandered, and ostracized. It’s an evil pattern of abuse when the child is treated as irretrievably bad and, thus, blamed for all the problems in the family. What is more, Moon-Pluto may show a disturbance in their behavior which may be extreme and they’re prone to become full of rage and hatred. On the other hand, a parent may have made the Moon-Pluto individual feel as if he or she is disturbed, troubled or brain damaged. It’s like someone needs to absorb all the evil doings, but under close scrutiny, there are a lot of things that need to be laid bare in the family. With these aspects, this is obviously some of the ugliest manifestations and not the only expressions. Along with its very strong emotions, it’s a common aspect for those prone to addictive behavior in order to escape reality. According to Richard Idemon: Moon-Pluto gives a deep hunger which can lead to addictive forms of behavior. People born with Moon-Pluto aspects need to live a deeply erotic life, and since most of us are not programmed to live this way, they look for some other means to deaden their hunger or ease their pain. That’s what addictions do; they’re an attempt to deaden hunger. According to Liz Greene: The aspects of Pluto to the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, especially the conjunctions, squares, and oppositions, seem to turn up with great regularity in the charts of those whose lives fate has noticeably intruded. Whether this is an external fate – illness, congenital defect, death, an encounter with armies or alien government – or an internal one – madness, in oneself or a close relation, nightmare, obsessions, and compulsions – these are not the people with whom one can talk for long about ‘blueprints’. Although the circumstances vary, there is usually a confrontation with something irrevocable, which must be met and acknowledged…Sometimes Sun-Pluto and Moon-Pluto are lived out through a violent or disturbed husband or wife, an ill mother, a problematic child, a sterile womb, an inherited illness. Pluto, when he is manifesting in this form, is not much fun. But I believe these differing faces of bondage are purposeful, in the sense that Moira is purposeful. Something is taken away, so that another thing might grow in its place… In the hard aspects between the Moon and Pluto, the mother is usually accused of looking like Margaret Hamilton as the Witch in The Wizard of Oz, and the poor kid will do anything to get rid of that scary look on her face. Some Moon-Pluto’s call their mother “Bitch” or say “F@$£ you, you’re always trying trying to suck the life outta me” in hateful tones. Astrologers say that with the tense contacts there is this soul-consuming battle with the mother and the native may feel like a part of them is taken away, destroyed, and never returned. It is the placement of the classic”overprotective mother,” and the maternal overprotection becomes excessively fearful and sends messages to the child that the world is a dangerous place. Some Moon-Pluto mothers still treat the child like a baby or prevent independent behavior and won’t let them grow up. When the Moon is in aspect to Pluto the type suffers from smothering, “psychic invasion,” manipulation, and power struggles. The mother holds the child tight with one hand and pushes the world away with the other hand. The mother may be dominating or over spoil the child and can cause over-anxiety and create someone who is deathly afraid. A Moon-Pluto parent may be dramatic and explosive, experiencing intense emotional states: despair, jealousy, revenge, hatred, fear, and distrust. As the Phoenix bird rises from its own ashes of its own destruction so too do the emotions of Moon-Pluto as they are renewed after an intense, cathartic release of energy. When an emotion is characterized as negative, there is a tendency to ignore, suppress, or repress it. In most people’s evolution, the troubling emotion that’s hard to express comes through others. Moon-Pluto, generally, may be drawn to people who overexpress that emotion or repress it. It’s almost as if the individual is drawn (like a moth to a flame) to others with those same troubling emotions. Sometimes they might criticize a lover, for instance, for being so out of control, jealous, and vengeful (hello, my shadow)….

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