Jealousy and Possessiveness

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, all water signs, have a tendency to be possessive and jealous, and this trait is mostly connected with an emotional bond to a partner. Pisces is probably likely to have the least jealousy than the other two signs and has a strong capacity for empathy and compassion for a great number of individuals. Taurus is another sign that is well-known for its urge to own physically (earth), and it has a profound need to feel comfortable in its own environment. The feeling of insecurity, which is at the root of possessiveness, is what drives the desire to protect (fixed) stability. A Taurean has the potential to be very possessive and territorial of their partner. They may regard their partner as a part of their belongings and want complete devotion and faithfulness from their lover. They cannot accept anything less.

As the 8th sign of the zodiac, Scorpio has a deep-seated fear of abandonment and emotional betrayal, and as a result, this sign has a long-standing reputation for being morbidly jealous. This characteristic also stems from Scorpio’s deep-seated suspicions. Leo is another sign that has a reputation for being jealous. The King of the Beasts despises disloyalty in any form and considers it to be a personal insult.

The signs of the zodiac associated with the air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) are, without a doubt, the least likely to experience feelings of jealousy. These individuals seem content in their relationships with others and attempt to keep an atmosphere that is properly aired. But C.E.O. Carter, in his book “Essays on the Foundations of Astrology,” argues that the opposite is true.

Libra appears to be jealous because they need to be liked. Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all!” It would never turn into the real pathological jealousy of the other signs and has much to do with likability.

All of the signs that symbolize fixation (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and to some extent Aquarius) have natures that make it difficult for them to let go of things that they value, such as material possessions, feelings, loved ones, and ideas. With one notable exception, those born under the sign of Aquarius (Air) have a strong desire to feel independent, enjoys the company of friends but also values their own space, and they are pretty much capable of keeping others at a safe distance. It’s possible, however, that Aquarius would find it difficult to part ways as friends and would choose to keep the relationship on this basis instead.

The following is a collection of quotations about jealousy from a range of authors:

“This is a Scorpio emotion in its true form though there are allied conditions that closely resemble it in their outward manifestation. For example, the kind which usually vents itself in complaints that “it’s not fair”!” and which is based on Libra afflictions. There is also a Leo condition, based on the sense of offended dignity, a Cancerian form deriving from the possessive instinct and so forth.”

“Of course, he needs something in exchange for all that loyalty. For one thing, he needs loyalty in return. Leo, male or female, is a jealous cat, and won’t tolerate smaller fry pursuing his chosen mate. He can be very obvious and not a little rude about insulting or removing challenges. In a way, he enjoys the contest, provided he’s on safe ground since this kind of knightly combat suits his image…. Betrayal, which is deeply wounding and rarely forgiven. Leo has a naive heart, and a wonderfully soaring idealism. Betrayal of trust is truly horrific to him. Where Capricorn expects it and Scorpio suspects it constantly, Leo simply can’t believe it”.

Cancer, a sign of intense feeling needs, has a strong tendency to live through loved ones. Eternal fidelity. Cancer is a possessive sign – as possessive as Scorpio is traditional. But Cancer is more subtle about it”.

Cancer is as capable of intense passion as Scorpio. But because it is a more vulnerable sign, Cancer tends to be more discriminating about where that passion is expressed. And very slow to commit it, because trust is terribly important for all the water signs.”

“Many Cancers will remain committed because of the gruelling experience a separation would entail. The disruption of the nest is a true trauma for Cancer, even if he deeply longs for freedom.”

“Cancer will rarely make the decision to go. First of all emotional confrontation is too terrifying. Secondly other people’s opinions are too terrifying, they would much rather become quietly, progressively unpleasant until your the one to throw him out. Then he doesn’t have to feel guilty.”

Betrayal of trust goes deep with water signs. Rationally they may excuse it. Emotionally, they never do”.

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