Venus in Pisces: Heart of the Ocean

tumblr_ngj19gqXlv1semgvjo1_1280Venus in Pisces is said to be exalted, a term used frequently by traditional astrologers to refer to a planet being well placed. Modern astrologers find the falls and exaltations to be a little out-dated. Still, there’s some energetic resonance felt and a deeply sensed intuition that love should be divine. Alan Watts has described falling in love as a “divine madness” that is akin to a mystical vision. Perhaps he was thinking of Venus in the sign of Pisces, but there are others describing love as blind and irrational. With this placement, we often sea a love where no boundaries exist, so we enter into dreamlike relationships, oceanic experiences, and try to contain our expansive feelings when it comes to our desires, values, and affections.

This is a romantic placement of epic proportions, it stirs emotions and enables us to see beyond the mundane. The senses are really heightened when Venus is found in the sign of the Fishes and particularly to beauty. Venus here gives us the most beautiful fantasy, and it’s all too easy to lose ourselves in make-believe. Venus in Pisces describes the capacity for unconditional love and is an indication of someone who feels drawn to the magic and mystery of the ocean. All planets in Pisces will always feel a sense of pining, separation, and emptiness. Piscean energy longs to sleep, dream, and create, reconnecting to the infinite source of creation. All good mystics believe in the oneness of life and the universe, the ebb and flow of universal powers.

Astrologically, Venus is said to be exalted in Pisces. Venus’ traits of compassion, sensitivity and devotion are magnified in the spiritual sign of Pisces…lives for love and acceptance..dependent in relationships..illusion rules her beauty style too…fashion style is romantic…silky, semi sheer fabrics, sequined tops and velvet skirts. Friends on a Rotten Day: The Astrology of Friendships

Psychologist Susan Blackmore makes the point that the word ‘illusion’ does mean that it does not exist – rather, an illusion is not what it seems…a powerful deception generated for our own benefit. The problem with seeing the beauty in everything for Venus in Pisces is the danger of not waking up to the true reality of a situation.

“What’s the black eye you got there?” “Well they did lose it last night, but they’re a beautiful person.” Astrology 101: A Journey Through the Signs, Planets and Houses of the Horoscope

Though it must also be remembered that falling in love is determined by both conscious and unconscious choices. Venus in Pisces is the kind of love that poets write about with all of its talk of “soulmates” or “twin souls” finding and reconnecting with the other. However, it might be more about nurturing one’s own and another’s spiritual growth and bringing love and devotion together as one.