Astrology Degrees and Meaning

astrology degrees and meaning

In astrology, there is this idea concerning the degrees of the planets manifesting at a particular age. Some people report significant events while others feel it’s all a load of nonsense. However, I haven’t totally swept this approach under the rug as it can, at times, kind of work. As an example, at the age of twenty-five, and this being the actual degree of my Venus in Capricorn in the 5th house, my life partner entered my life and I fell pregnant. The relationship also occurred when my progressed Ascendant trined natal Venus. Obviously, though, in the larger scheme of things, if one is only going by this logic, most of these degree-wise events will only happen before 30, so there is a somewhat limited time-frame. Some astrologers point towards the Sun in the horoscope as the major age significator for a powerful life event occurring. I personally haven’t noticed this in my own life, but I can’t really remember what happened at aged 8 (Sun at 8 degrees Pisces). An example of this happening to an individual was revealed in The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity: Your Guide to Finding Meaning in Signs Big and Small:

If your Sun is positioned at, say, 25 degrees of your sign, you might meet your spouse at age twenty-five or your first child may be born. A-Sun at 8 degrees could mean your parents divorced when you were eight years old, or you were admitted to a gifted program in third grade that influenced the rest of your education. In Reya’s birth chart, the Sun is at 24 degrees and 58 minutes of Aquarius (two minutes short of 25 degrees). When Trish first looked at her chart, she asked Reya what life sculpting event happened to her between the ages of twenty-five and twenty-six. Just twelve days before her twenty-sixth birthday, Reya “was hit by a train and was unconscious for four days. That event took me out of a very destructive lifestyle into my first foray with alternative medicine,” she wrote. “Could that be it?” You bet. …If you were born on October 14, 1950, for example, your Sun would be in 20 degrees of Libra. This means there may have been a defining moment in your life when you were around twenty years old. Give it six months or so on either side. If you’re not yet at that age that corresponds with the degree of your natal Sun, keep in mind that some defining event may happen when you reach that age.

astrology degrees meaning

Now, I’ve read other astrology studies on the degrees and they do have interesting findings correlating with a natal chart. As stated previously, I have the Sun in Pisces at 8 degrees and hopefully, it just slides out of Carol Rushman’s interpretation. The writer reveals that people who have 7 degrees prominent in Virgo or Pisces can be promiscuous, further noting that when a planet stations at that degree in either sign people start illicit love affairs. Also, observing 24 degrees of Cancer to be an astrologer’s degree. The author considers critical degrees as triggers for a crisis. Cardinal 0, 13, or 26, Fixed 8-9, 21-22, Mutable 4, 17, and 0 and 29 of any Modality.  Apparently, it tends to make situations incredibly intense in these crucial degree areas.

C.E.O Carter’s An Encyclopedia of Psychological Astrology is based on some degree work. Carter kindly lists my degree for those associated with astrology and that is without question around 27 Leo-Aquarius. I have Mars in Aquarius at the 29th degree. Also, 11 degrees Virgo-Pisces are important. My Saturn is rising in Virgo at 10 degrees and 42 minutes. And Liz Greene one of the most popular psychology astrologers has the Sun in Virgo at 11 degrees. Apparently for Cardinal Signs: 5-degree planets in Aries-Libra may show cruelty, homicidal, tendency. 7 degrees Capricorn gives great speaking ability. Immoral souls have 8 degrees Aries-Libra. 8 degrees Cancer-Capricorn is for paralysis. 11 degrees Cancer for Alcoholism. 15 degrees cardinals are the suicides. 22 degrees Libra for artistic ability. 24 cardinals for music ability. Fixed Signs: Planets at the beginning of Aquarius for obesity. 6 degrees Scorpio for a love of the sea. 9 degrees fixed for alcoholism. 16 degrees Taurus for homicidal tendency. 20-25 fixed signs homicidal tendencies. 25 Fixed alcoholism or suicide. Mutable Signs: 6-degree Gemini-Sagittarius for morbid fears. 9 degrees mutable for homicidal tendency. 22 mutable for insanity (I have my Moon on the insane degree) and 26 degrees mutable for suicide.

Charles Carter says this about the degrees in the natal chart:

No attempt is given for reasons for the connection between these areas and certain effects, nor can you always understand why the same area should produce apparently quite unrelated results. Our knowledge oft he influences is still empirical and is only in the earliest stage from even that point of view. Future research may explain the basis of these facts.

Overall, the degrees are a fascinating study and one would need to possess a keen eye to spot particular degrees popping up in similar regions for certain abilities, aptitudes, tendencies and such. A fascinating study nonetheless.