Month: July 2016

The Bubblegum Babe’s Guide to Scorpio

People will try to ignore you and they'll try to hurt you if you keep them from ignoring you. What

Jupiter in the 2nd House: Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!

When the individual values something, the "greedy grabber" wants it in abundance. Oh no, there's no penny pinching. The only

Neptune is the Worst

Neptune allows us to escape from limitations, ego, material world, and the harshness of everyday life. Neptune fills us up

Venus-Pluto Synastry: Cause I Ain’t Gonna Let You Go

<p>When Pluto 'looks at' Venus it's very mesmeric and it's difficult to escape such an intense gaze. Such relationships can

Checklist: 9 Virgo Items

Some astrologers believe that Virgo and Scorpio are associated with the same basic principle, they were previously considered to be

Pluto Synastry: Songs for the Lovers

What does it mean to have a lot of Pluto contacts in synastry? Whoosh, it can be like living in

The 12th House: The Shut-Ins

Question: Are 12th house people always on the outside-looking-in? Fading into the scenery? Inside the 12th house is murky green

Pluto in the 1st House: The Great and Powerful Persona

With Pluto in the 1st house, you are viewed as a powerful individual projecting an aura of mystery. It is hard to

Resentment of Authority

When we are in the position of Saturn, we begin to have sympathy for the devil, so to speak. Or,

Eclipses: Astounding Coincidence or Celestial Plan?

An eclipse is freaky, spooky, and creepy. Keep your distance from this darkening and occultation -- it's dangerous. It involves