Month: September 2016

Pluto: 30 Mysterious Mysteries

1. Astrologers believe that Pluto still remains the most impenetrable figure in both astrology and psychology. The planet symbolizes the

Mercury: 28 Tricks of the Trade

1. In mythology, on Herme’s/Mercury’s first day of life (some say within the first 5 minutes of being born), he

26 Keys to Unlocking the Magick Moon

1. The Moon in astrology is essentially the eternal feminine planet. It is related to the interior, dark, femininal image. Ruling

What’s Missing Inside You?

Question: With my 12th house planets I can get lost in dreams and fantasies quite easily. What do you think?

Mercury in Scorpio: The Statistics

An individual with Mercury in Scorpio is the analytic x-ray and will do nothing less than a full psyche scan. With phenomenal

The Three D’s: Dark, Down, and Disappointed

As a Sun-Saturn type, you may feel condemned by ineffectiveness, disappointed, fall into the type of person who is highly self-conscious,

Mercury-Saturn: I Got Rocks In My Head

An individual with Mercury -Saturn can be very self-conscious about communication. Something to do with their schooling or the ability

If You’re Happy and You Know It!

  Question: One thing I’ve noticed about all fire sign Suns is a certain kind of spontaneity about them that

Saturn in Virgo: The Hard-Core Tinkerer

Question: Does Saturn in Virgo have to take work, health, and routine more seriously? Doesn’t everybody need improvement or to

Uranus’ Remarkable Insights

I’ve been studying more about how the world is made up of quantum physics and there have been some head-exploding