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Venus in the 5th House: Relating and Creating

Question: If I could choose to have Venus in one of 12 houses, I would like to have Venus in the 5th house. Venus in this position gives many opportunities for relations with the other sex and, most of all, very beautiful children. Any thoughts? Venus here is artistic talent, fan adulation, gifts in art, music, and acting. The person is often active in their continuous and loving creativity, relating deeply to the making of art. When involved in the act of creation, it makes them feel more beautiful, sexual, erotic, and goddess-like. Similarly, when involved in a passionate love affair it is as if they’re living more fully than during the rest of their life. The placement is that of being passionately in love, which heightens their creative juices. Romance is important for these people along with the grand romantic gestures of love: red roses, candlelit dinners. Being so in love with romance, they could have a lot of love affairs and romantic liaisons. In the end, the love relationship with themselves sits at the locus of creativity. Creative accomplishments are integral to their sense of worth; it is valued highly. Creativity could be the central love of their life. Keywords: beauty and art, beautiful dancer, loving creativity, self-worth and self-expression, love and art, creativity flowering, blooming artist, love and the audience, loving the center of the stage, the lover took out to the theatre, the lover took to a play, the love of being entertained, feeling romantic when arty, loves receiving gifts In addition to affirming self-worth through creative and innovative accomplishments, the lovely Aphrodite (Venus) receives praise and is put on a pedestal by a lover, audience, onlookers, concertgoers, or theatergoers. Alternatively, Venus in the 5th house may enjoy artistic and cultural activities such as visits to art galleries, concerts, the theatre, cinema, the ballet or opera, and want a partner to share in these pursuits. The personal style and flair are usually of a type which most people will find pleasing and endearing. The more outgoing Venus enjoys the social aspects of life, popularity, and finds joy in crowd pleasing. Depending on Venus’ sign some types are more extrovert in expression and will find enjoyment through various fun activities – nights out on the tiles, parties, and generally living it up. A hard aspected Venus can mean a more desperate need for love, affection, and to receive approval. Others positive reactions to them reinforce their self-worth. A person may be reading this and laughing, thinking they don’t have a creative bone in their body. But all humans are creative beings. Look at children: they naturally love singing and dancing to music, drawing and coloring, baking and making crafts. The 5th house is the drive is to create something that expresses who they uniquely are. Creativity is not reserved for professional artists, its all about putting their personal touch to their creations   Love is so vital to the sense of well-being and is also the central organ of existence. The heart overflows with joy when creating something worthwhile. All in all, lovers crave union with every facet of their beings, and they want to devote as much attention and care to each other as to themselves, and they desire to give and receive erotic pleasure. In fulfilling this innate need to express the affectionate and sexual wholeness of love, partners offer the best of themselves to one another and share the heights of emotional and physical satisfaction. Everyone is also born with the “instincts for exploration, for enjoyment, novelty, and risk taking— the curiosity that leads to creativity. Art is a pleasurable pursuit which is explored through a variety of means – painting, dancing, singing, literature, theatre, photography, sculpture, and music. Not all creativity is found in “arty” directions. If they enter into the entertainment world and the personality as a whole is outgoing they make wonderful party hosts and love or passion is combined with entertainment. The person may have beautiful children but, more importantly, some astrologers believe that the native’s talents are passed onto the kids. Parents with this placement will usually encourage any sign of their children’s budding creativity – especially if their own artistic promise was stifled when they were young. Children can be the love of their life, and they could work with art and kids. It would be beneficial if the person were to become involved with children on a creative level, as either a parent or a teacher. Princess Diana had this placement and gave birth to some royal kids (beat that!) – special by birthright. Whether it be a completed work of art, a blossoming romance or a child, the p are able to inject passion, enthusiasm and a unique individuality into their relationships and the lives of their children.The individual has a vivid sense of dramatic amusement, an attraction to the arts, and a flair for enjoyment, children and the personal pleasures which bring joy into one’s life.                  …

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