Scorpio Quotes

“You don’t do “lite.” It’s not in your Birthday Planet’s vocabulary. You’re too intense. You may have gone through periods (especially when you were younger) when you felt ashamed for reacting the way you do. Perhaps you even tried to cover it up. In time you’ve come to accept your not everyone’s cup of tea. … Read moreScorpio Quotes

Jupiter in Aries: Pioneering Spirit and the Quest for Truth

Jupiter’s placement in the zodiac sign of Aries significantly influences how individuals explore their beliefs, personal growth, and the opportunities that come their way. For those with this placement, faith is not a passive concept; it is actively cultivated through the lens of innovative ideas and a fearless willingness to confront challenges head-on. These individuals … Read moreJupiter in Aries: Pioneering Spirit and the Quest for Truth

Mars in Aries: The Firecracker

Individuals born with Mars in Aries possess an innate warrior’s drive and a fiery spirit that define their approach to life. The positioning of Mars, the planet associated with action, desire, and determination, in the first zodiac sign, Aries, contributes to their intense and untamed fierceness. This unique combination of energy can be both captivating … Read moreMars in Aries: The Firecracker

Mercury in Aries: Igniting Minds

An individual whose Mercury is positioned in Aries is bestowed with an extraordinary wellspring of mental vitality that sets them apart. Their cognitive prowess thrives in the face of challenges that demand intellectual acumen, as these situations ignite their learning potential to remarkable levels. Within this astrological placement, the planet Mercury reveals a reservoir of … Read moreMercury in Aries: Igniting Minds

Chiron in Libra: The Agony of Injustice

Barbara Hand Clow’s insights about individuals with Chiron in Libra shed light on the unique challenges and potentials that arise from this astrological placement. Chiron, often referred to as the “wounded healer,” symbolizes our deepest wounds and the potential for healing and growth that comes from addressing these wounds. For those with Chiron in Libra, … Read moreChiron in Libra: The Agony of Injustice

Saturn in Virgo: Mastering the Art of Work

Individuals with Saturn in Virgo exhibit a distinctive approach to life, driven by their need for organization, discipline, and attention to detail. This cosmic placement imparts a profound influence on their character, leading them to become adept at navigating the minutiae of life in a methodical manner. The essence of Saturn in Virgo lies in … Read moreSaturn in Virgo: Mastering the Art of Work

Liz Greene: Guide to Astrology Review

Liz Greene’s “Guide to Astrology,” a starry presentation that spans just under two hours. The guide begins with an insightful discussion regarding the inherent qualities of the moment we are born, illuminating the very core and purpose of our journey to Earth. Liz Greene reads out a passage from a book concerning the mystical experience … Read moreLiz Greene: Guide to Astrology Review

Jupiter in Virgo: Faith in the Details

An individual with Jupiter in Virgo possesses a unique perspective on life and seeks hope and inspiration through a belief in an orderly reality. Finding joy in the delicate craftsmanship of the world, they appreciate the beauty and significance of the smallest details. Growth, both personal and societal, is a source of great fulfillment for … Read moreJupiter in Virgo: Faith in the Details

Mars in Virgo: In Pursuit of Excellence

Under the influence of Mars in Virgo, your personal characteristics and tendencies are directed towards a specific set of behaviors and attitudes that can significantly shape your approach to life. This astrological placement highlights your inclination towards acts of service, which means you find fulfillment and purpose in helping others and contributing to their well-being. … Read moreMars in Virgo: In Pursuit of Excellence

Mercury in Virgo: Order, Accuracy, and Expertise

Mercury’s placement in Virgo, where it is considered exalted, bestows a unique perspective on how one perceives and engages with the world. Individuals with this placement possess a keen eye for detail and have a natural inclination to piece together intricate parts into a coherent and organized whole. Their analytical prowess stands well above the … Read moreMercury in Virgo: Order, Accuracy, and Expertise