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tumblr_mn0400qbYc1qj4cpho1_500Those with Grand Fire Trines must be darn happy. For one thing, Louis Armstrong, who sings it’s a Wonderful World, could not stop smiling. The star had a kite formation in his chart, and this is just really an extension of a grand trine but seems to anchor the direction of the trine. The grand trine is formed with his Sun in Leo, Moon in Aries and Uranus in Sagittarius. The Sun in Leo is in the 5th house and represents creativity, drama and a need to be recognized as special. The singer has been described as having a charismatic personality and needs to shine. Louis Armstrong was known to be very generous in nature and loved children and enjoyed entertaining them.

Fire signs are naturally born enthusiasts; they are burning with energy, highly motivated, and are always on the look out for future possibilities. People who lack FIRE have been described as missing the energy and vitality that comes with ease under the fiery trigon. The Fire Grand Trine in his chart also lights up the Ascendant and his whole approach to life was positive. The Fire Grand Trine has creativity in abundance, and according to Jung’s typology method, FIRE people are intuitive and there is a certain amount of divinity within them.

Not all FIRE signs are outwardly confident and we can have extroverted and introverted FIRE; the extroverted kind tends to approach life with confidence and treat it as one big adventure; they may love traveling, sports and taking risks. The trouble with FIRE is that they sometimes have difficulty in dealing with the practicalities of life. Details are boring to FIRE and slow down their vision, and who wants to be weighted by necessity. Introverted FIRE can represent great philosophers, artists, and visionaries that inspire us to be greater.