2790772When Uranus transits the eighth house, it can indicate a change in joint finances and a partner’s income may alter. Unexpected changes in fortune either way can occur. A new way of looking at shared investments and resources within the partnership, but long-time financial frustration will erupt at some point during this transition. An experimental attitude towards finances and sometimes a surprise inheritance. New business partnerships are formed or an existing one is tested if Uranus forms difficult aspects. A deeper interest in the occult, research, astrology and psychological subjects may begin at this time. There is an urgent need to discover the truth regarding hidden subjects. The eighth house also rules intimate relationships and there may be disruptions that involve sudden emotional eruptions and difficult confrontations. A rebellious attitude towards finances can upset a partnership. We gain a clearer understanding of emotions such as revenge, jealousy and hatred that we have repressed for a long time. Uranus transits tend to shock us into awareness and hidden resentments are suddenly revealed

We may need to alter our view on permanence, stability and fixed attachments. Astrologically, Uranus is changeable in nature and a transit through the fixed address of the eighth house may rip apart our sense of emotional security. Sudden deaths, new births and material change. Relationship disruptions and divorce are also common. During this 7-year transit, we are developing our potential by approaching intimate relationships on a different level. The cycles of birth, death, loss and survival are things that we are more aware of throughout this process. Emotional blow-ups can shatter our sense of safety and survival. Uranus rules accidental discoveries and something unearthed that threatens the relationship. Perhaps we see clearer what has really been going on. Issues hidden in the bedroom are viewed objectively and this may be a breakthrough period. We may explore new sexual techniques that we feared to try before.

We have to become more aware of our own power, resources, and hidden aspects of our own personality. Reveal what we have repressed. Uranus’ transit through the eighth house, holds some deep revelations and awareness create a sense of power and powerlessness. Understanding where we resist growth and transformation are the way forward. Liberation occurs through detachment and rebelling against existing and outdated attitudes to sex, money, death, secrets, shared resources. We will have more freedom in the way we share our resources and ourselves once the transition is over.

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