Moon Trine Neptune

moon trine neptune

The individual with Moon trine Neptune is an artistic gentle soul with highly imaginative and sensitive feelings, and with these gifts there is a tendency towards hypersensitivity to their surroundings. In fact, the beauty and harmony of their inner-world has a powerful effect on their emotions. The individual is very sensitive and cannot stand to be in an atmosphere where there is discord. Moon trine Neptune is also compassionate and possesses a desire to serve the collective, they will give or sacrifice much in order to make everyone feel at peace.

Moon-Neptune is also sensitive to the invisible realms of life and is in possession of a spiritual and mediumistic side. This gives them powerful psychic abilities and they are receptive to everything around them. The dream-life and their artistic inspirations can be used as an outlet, and there is often a natural sense and gift for photography, film, drama, painting or music.

Those with Moon trine Neptune can be prone to emotional disillusionment and the home needs to be a place of retreat and solitude with a gentle, heavenly environment that soothes these gentle souls. The person hates harsh and noisy environments and so they need to find somewhere that has beautiful furnishings or works of art, and music playing. Moon-Neptune signifies a highly devotional nature, and someone that feels some sense of spiritual contentment.

The person with this contact needs to merge with others in a sensitive and empathetic manner, and there is deep compassion for the needy and helpless in society. Moon-Neptune also believes in emotional understanding and unconditional love, and so they will sacrifice their own  personal needs and give selflessly in favour of something greater. With great depth of feeling, and capacity for forgiveness, this contact has often been described as the universal mother, and these people desperately need to feel that there is a sense of goodness and purity in the world.

Moon-Neptune aspects can easily feel what others are going through and can sense emotional pain. The trine between these two planets makes it much easier for the individual to be understood emotionally, and the relationship with the mother and females are often favoured. The women in their lives are usually soft, vulnerable, glamorous, artsy, tender-hearted and perhaps – otherworldly. In fact, these descriptions often express the inner world of the individual evoking the deep allure and the spirit of their inner transcendent, magic, and mystical realm swirling within.

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