Venus in Houses

Venus in 8th House

tumblr_mrlc5nJCIt1swjv8xo1_500The individual has something of the mystique around their sexuality and attractiveness, and these seductive qualities that are not always obvious, represent a smoldering love nature at work underneath. The individual may also be gifted at regenerating finances, and finding profound depth and wisdom in their interactions. There will always be an aspect of the hidden force at play, which is not consciously visible in a relationship as there is much that tends to get buried and the shadow side of relating are powerful themes. It will be in the area of love that will bring them to the area of the mysterious and the esoteric.

Venus here can indicate jealous, intense and magnetic attractions, and because Venus is placed in the house of the personal battlefield often this means that relationships may need balancing as there tends to be power, trust, psychological issues and often something hidden in the family background. Venus in the 8th house can penetrate into a deeper level of relating than most people, and there is a fascination with the darker aspects of the psyche, drawing them towards deep sexual partners.

Venus here can move through the various highs and lows of emotions from ecstasy to feeling despairing, but what they don’t want to feel is a sense of mediocrity. When Venus is coloured in a darker palette there exists a need to love in extremes to satisfy their essential love nature. A partner must have the emotional depth they crave, and there must be something irresistible below the surface that doesn’t always feel safe, and sometimes this means being pulled towards complicated lovers. Often these relationships tend to plunge them into crises, and only then does it feel deep and meaningful, along with this powerful sense of fate running the show.

Venus is drawn to the unconscious side of relationships but is attracted to deeper and dangerous levels of engagement. They crave intense, deep, emotional relationships, and would even prefer a stormy, tumultuous relationship to one which is smooth but lacking in depth. The individual may also be fond of throwing the other into emotional turbulence, and will enjoy the powerful hypnotic influence over lovers. The person needs to know they can bring about change in others, and may be drawn into power-struggles and destructive relationships.

When Venus is in this position the individual can love with all-consuming, total devotion and expect the same from a partner. Casual and light relationships hold no appeal. A crisis in a relationship serves to deepen the bond, but the more unconscious conflicts often threaten to tear them apart. An individual with Venus in the 8th house usually demands a high level of commitment from both personal and business partners. The individual attracts money through inheritances, legacies and business transactions.

The 8th house represents merging with others emotionally, sexually and financially. Planets in this house are concerned with the fundamental issues of life – birth, death and sex. Intimate relationships expose our hidden selves and close relationships require a high level of trust and honesty. The experience of Venus in this sphere of existence can sometimes mean the death of a parent at an early age or the loss of a lover or spouse. The experiences are not necessarily tragic, but the event will plunge Venus into the necessary intensity and depth.

Many relationships bring a great test of loyalty, and perhaps even some loss or immense struggle. It has not always be certain what those challenges will be in the area of relating, and we only know that something will happen that will take Venus way below into the depths. Venus in the house of transformation will always bring an element of life-death and rebirth into the arena of intimate relationships, and all aspects of love have the potential for psychological change. Moreover, love can be the magical potion that will change their inner values forever.