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Scorpio: The Silent Treatment

Question: Why do Scorpios so thoroughly enjoy giving the silent treatment? Giving the silent treatment is commonly referred to as the punishment worse than death. Thus, we are surely climbing into the Scorpion’s psyche. What they effectively do is “cut people dead.” When we are angry we scream at each other, and when we are angrier, we shut up at each other. Shutting up at a person can be just as aggressive and deadly and hostile as screaming. The Scorpion will often threaten will silence, but this is also used as a self-protective measure. Psychologically, they make for an excellent analyst, and the type knows it will wound deeper to give no response at all. Moreover, anybody in a long-term relationship must have played the uncommunicative card. It is so much more painful than having a lover yell at us. Being uncommunicative is used as a weapon of control, and this fits neatly into the Scorpion’s need for power. More famously, however, not communicating is a form of withdrawal and this is also a common pattern for Scorpions. Therefore, we are effectively “locked out” and Scorpio will let us know when it’s okay to come back into their life. Make no doubt about it, they have a great emotional passion and intensity, and there is a lot going on underneath. Never be fooled. When deeply wounded it’s like they go into security lockdown, and it can happen whenever there is a state of emergency happening in their life. Scorpio, above all, deeply values their privacy, and there is a lot of time spent absorbing whatever is happening. Naturally, they instinctively draw in immense feelings of paranoia, darkness, and jealousy. The Scorpion reminds us of a part in “The Sound of the River,” and especially this: The river is very silent…is that because it’s so full? The orchestration of those silent moments in Scorpio’s life has a powerful effect, probably more intense than any words could convey. If someone badly betrays a Scorpion, they might unleash a storm of emotions, but sometimes there will simply be no words to describe the pain felt. The watery signs are known for their non-verbal communication. How do they voice the unsayable? Sometimes what has occurred involves a complex task of working through feelings. It’s the torture of knowing what somebody has done but not knowing the right words. The heart of the Scorpion occurs on a feeling level, and this occurs on the non-verbal plane. Inside of Scorpio is a world filled with fraught emotions, psychic material, and a dense layer of feelings. In part, it could also have to do with the repression stuff, which is often a familiar part of the sign. In psychology astrology, Scorpio, Pluto, and the 8th house archetypes all tend to repress their energies. As Jung says, repressing anything is as much good for psychological well-being as beheading is for a headache. We will never fully understand the depths of the unconscious, or there would be no unconscious to speak of any longer. When a Scorpion turns on their emotions to full blast, it has to be met with the same intensity, they will either go all the way or nothing at all. In an intense confrontation with a Scorpio, they will either express emotions which can spin around and around until they spill over and destroy anything in their path. Or silence. Nothing in between….

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