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Taurus: A Stubborn Hope

Question: We all know bulls can be very stubborn in their opinions or choices… and you’ll have a hard time changing any of mine for that matter.  But what would you do or what do you think it would take to persuade a Taurean to do something that it doesn’t really want to do, or to do something different?… Taurus is the salt of the earth and we couldn’t get more grounded. The type is a stubborn ass. When being forced into a corner, you’ll see the steely glint in their eye. Let’s face it, they have the “patience of a beast.” When they set their mind on something they’re  a force to be reckoned with. In general, Taureans move through life in a leisurely fashion and tend to be very trusted people. Their feet never lose touch with solid ground, and they generally know not only where they stand themselves, but where other people stand also. Moreover, never try to out-stubborn them, you’ll always lose. The Taurean will say something like, “I’m not stubborn. My way is just better.” You’ll  then say, “Fuck, you’re so fucking stubborn.” Obviously, they are strong, willful, firm, unbending, inflexible, stiffnecked, unyielding unadaptable but oh so loving, making very good companions. Being loyal and extremely faithful, they don’t like to stray too far from what is familiar. Taurus can get stuck, nonetheless, like an old vinyl record with no more play. A list of pros and cons could be a practical way of trying to change their mind. The pros have to be extremely convincing and not based on any pie in the sky dreaming. They are unlikely to fall for preposterous claims of the braggart and the Charlton and the hysterical exaggerations of more excitable individuals. An essential point here is that if they easily changed their stance, they would lose their reputation for being solid and durable. Taurus hasn’t gained the notoriety for possessing the greatest endurance by being putty in our hands. The sign never takes kindly to being told what to do. Fundamentally, the super-evolved Taureans pull more than their weight in life, they are incredibly powerful. Nobody is as determined as Taurus when they want to pull the other way. Someone wrote that all change is proceeded by crisis. With a deep fear of anything unfixed in place, something different can strike fear into their heart. When the purpose of the sign is to stabilize, they can’t help but feel comfortable only in what is known. But, as ever, the danger is the life fixing into a state of inertia, boredom, and into deadlock situations.  The chief characteristic of the highly evolved Taurean is their stability of character and purpose. This is the sign of steadfast mind, representative of the individual unshaken in adversity and with a power of quiet persistence in the face of difficulties. Taurus refuses to be hustled or hurried or frightened or pushed into anything that won’t prove of value. There is no forcing them into a different mental or physical position.  At the deepest essence of their being, they enjoy routine and regularity, and they’ll often show amazing constructive ability especially in manners concerning foundations. In hard circumstances, their patience and perseverance are second to none. Juno personifies Taurus’ steadfastness, she’s  described as the ox-eyed goddess of strong arms, the protector of family life. Taurus  seeks peace and rest, and searches for material prosperity. Concerned most with those loved dearly, they act as a tower of strength. When nagged beyond endurance, though, watch out for their rages and powerful outbursts; they cause quite a lot of distress to those who aroused them. As nonaggressive personalities, it can come as a shock to those who have pushed too far to see an astonishing blast of fury. Clear half a mile radius and leave them well alone for a few days. The typical type is usually at their best when able to do things their own way and in their own time, or if arrangements are made with plenty of advance warning. It is, overall, difficult to ruffle Taurus, and their kindly ways make them popular among others for the presence of a tranquil and soothing nature. The worse kind of Taurean is more self-centered and cannot see anyone’s view but their own. Thus usually wonderful persistence comes out as pig-headedness and determination to hold their ground. The tranquility then turns to laziness and the loyalty so present turns to ignorance and foolish dislike of change. It’s then that we see a dogged disinclination to strenuous exertion of any kind; they are absurdly over cautious and exasperatingly deliberate. The materialism results in overindulgence and everything grounds to halt into some kind of mental stagnation. It goes without too much explanation that they value  physical well-being and comfort; they have settled convictions and are not easily swayed or harassed into changing.  The personality is exceptionally bed-rock and they’re rarely moved by passing fancies, fashions, new waves of thought. People assume they’re being thick-headed, dull and slow. Above all, though, the sign is full of common sense. The stereotypical image of Taurus is of being thick built, hard to move, and someone who likes food and sensual pleasures. I  doubt that massaging them, offering sex and chocolate, feeding them grapes is going to do a lot.  It is not going to make much of a difference. You’ll only get through to a Taurus if you make complete sense and they’re assured of something tangible, they’ll need a guarantee of a predictable future. Lots of reassurance is needed, but it must never be false, they’ll see through it straight away….

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