Mercury-Uranus: The Power of Awareness

Question: My boyfriend has this aspect. He likes to light that spark to instigate a conversation about things he’s not able to express comfortably. I would like to add that he has a brilliant mind and always stuns with the knowledge he has. Never a boring conversation with him. Any Thoughts? It can sometimes get…

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Synastry: Sun-MarsSynastry: Sun-Mars

With the Sun in aspect to Mars in synastry, this interaction is full of energy, activity, and sexy feelings. No one on the planet lights your soul on fire the way your partner does. It’s a fiery relationship ‚ÄĒ for better and for worse. In their presence, you are activated.


Saturn Advice: In GifsSaturn Advice: In Gifs

The “malefic” god has a lot to teach us about building and mountain climbing, and it is a steep learning curve. Let’s get something straight, Saturn isn’t in our life to throw a whole load of boring on the moment. It gives us stern lessons raining on our unappreciative heads.