Category: Mars in Houses

Mars in the 3rd House: Sibling Rivarly

Mars in the 3rd house is famous for sibling rivalry. This rivalry may or may not be good-natured depending upon

Mars in the 1st House: Marred Appearance?

Question: Is Mars in 1st house scarred in their looks? What, in general, is their physical appearance like? Mars in the

Mars in the 11th House

The Mars in the 11th house person may transcend their self-interests and be passionate about people; they motivate followers. If the

Mars in the 10th House: Career Warrior

This personality tends to realize its mettle, steel, and determination quickly. On top of that, it’s a credible claim to

Mars in the 3rd House

Mars in the 3rd house is frank, bold, determined in their communication, and sometimes pushy. The type has very definite

Mars in the 9th House

An individual with Mars in the 9th house likes to challenge themselves intellectually, so higher education may be a priority,

Mars in the 7th House

Ancient man saw Mars as a fiery planet because of its redness, and in myth, he was the god of

Mars in the 2nd House

According to Donna Van Toen if an individual with Mars in the 2nd house is under extreme stress such as in

Mars in the 6th house

An individual with Mars in the 6th house is a fast and hard worker since there is a tremendous amount

Mars in the 5th House

With Mars in the 5th house, astrologers believe that there are lots of exciting romances ahead for you in life.