Mars in Sagittarius

Those born with Mars in Sagittarius express their will and desire in an enthusiastic and impulsive way. Mars in Sagittarius tends to be direct about everything. However, their many interests and projects, tend to flow into different areas, and difficulties may be experienced in situations that require discipline, patience, and attention to the practical details.[…]

Mars in Aquarius

An individual born with Mars in Aquarius has a strong, opinionated nature with enthusiasm for intellectual debate, or even a strong desire to be a leader fighting for social reform. Mars in Aquarius fights battles on behalf of groups, acquaintances and social causes. As an air sign, Mars has a brain and a social conscious[…]

Mars in Aries

Those with Mars in Aries take action and they have the spirit of a warrior in attitude and approach to life. The nature of this sign is hot and fiery and maybe a little too hot to handle at times. The individual reacts immediately when their desire is fueled. Astrologically speaking this is the fastest[…]

Mars in Virgo

With this position, personal desires are expressed carefully and there is little risk taking. The person prefers to act with discretion and take action in a service oriented way. Assertiveness and feeling empowered come through doing a job well. Anger arises when everything is not in order because Mars in the sign of Virgo will[…]