Category: Moon in houses

Moon in the 11th House

When the Moon is in the 11th house, friendship becomes important and the person will feel that much of the

Moon in the 8th House: Death Becomes Her

Question: One of my close pals has this placement (Moon in 8th) and seems tuned into the undercurrents, interested in

Moon-Neptune: The One with the Oceanic Feeling

Questions: Moon-Neptune –Do you feel that because you are so sensitive that you are clingy? Do you look for extra

Moon in the 12th House: Tears of Longing

Question: Is the Moon in the 12th house the same as Moon in Pisces or Moon in aspect to Neptune? 

Moon in the 1st House: Hurty Feelings

The Moon in the house of identity represents an immediate dilemma to your life. By nature, this silvery body is

Moon in the 1st House: The Weight of the Soul

The Moon in the 1st house¬†can make the individual timid and shy, especially in youth, but they’re often protectively assertive

Moon in the 3rd House

Those with the Moon in the 3rd house find that communications, immediate interactions, and thoughts are influenced by their emotions.

Moon in 10th House

An individual with the Moon in the 10th house often needs some kind of recognition, public status and success. They

Moon in 8th House

The Moon in the 8th house symbolizes an emotional make-up that is deep, intense and extremely loyal. Also, the instinctive

Moon in 2nd House

Those with the Moon in the 2nd house have an essential need for material and financial security. The individual’s emotional