Venus in Sagittarius

A person with Venus in Sagittarius seeks a relationship that expands consciousness and they feel happiest with a fun-loving partner to share adventures with. Venus here likes to be where it’s popular, new, and exciting, and have a good time; therefore, a partner needs to have that same fun-loving sense of humor.

When Venus is in the fire signs it tends to exaggerate and dramatize feelings. Venus here is optimistic, filled with romantic longings, and it tends to move restlessly from one person to another in search of the ideal. If the overall chart describes a committed and emotionally serious type, they will seek a partner that shares their joy of learning and spiritual expansion and will be attracted to exotic and international relationships.

Above all else, personal freedom is important and domestic situations may feel heavy and limiting. A sense of harmony is found in relationships that allow for emotional independence and possess a carefree attitude. As a rule, they are attracted to what is generous, and so much so that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. If the rest of the chart is in agreement, they see no need to limit themselves to one partner and may make promises that are difficult to keep. Friendly, outgoing, and adventurous, they have a wide circle of social contacts. Relationships are growth producing opportunities and they learn something from everyone they meet. Possessive, controlling, and highly emotional relationships are usually too heavy for this person.

Perhaps a relationship based on the same religion, philosophy, or moral values is highly sought; they love exploration and may travel far and wide to find what they need. Generally speaking, there is a positive attitude to relationships, they are frank and outspoken about inner feelings and seek open and honest relating. Those with Venus in Sagittarius may have an impractical approach to love, and there is usually a love of quantity and a belief in a love that is boundless. The person will often possess ardent, warm, and non-possessive feelings, and seek spontaneity in a relationship. A love that is uninhibited and adds meaning and growth to their life is attractive to them.