Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius wants a relationship that will help them grow spiritually, and they are happiest with a partner who is outgoing and loves to have fun. Venus in this sign likes to go to cool, new, and exciting places where she can have fun. So, Venus needs a partner with the same fun-loving sense of humour.

When Venus is in a fire sign, emotions are likely to be exaggerated for dramatic effect. Venus in Sagittarius is optimistic, full of romantic yearnings, and prone to wander aimlessly from one potential partner to the next in search of the perfect match. If the person’s overall astrological picture describes them as emotionally serious and grounded, they may prefer romantic partnerships with people from foreign countries and look for a companion who shares their zeal for intellectual advancement and spiritual development.

The need for autonomy is more pressing in situations where home obligations and restraints are heavy and oppressive. Harmony is more likely to emerge in relationships that promote emotional independence and a relaxed attitude. Some people, especially those of a younger age, may not see the value in committing to a single partner because they believe the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. People with Venus in Sagittarius are friendly, outgoing, and adventurous, and they have many friends and acquaintances. Having meaningful connections with others provides invaluable opportunities for learning and development. Possessive, dominant, and highly emotional relationships are often too much for this person to bear.

Venus in Sagittarius natives may feel an intense need to find a partner who shares their worldview on important issues like religion, philosophy, and morality, and they may go to considerable measures in their pursuit of this ideal mate. They seek out partnerships that are similarly open and truthful in nature. Venus in Sagittarius natives are inclined to believe in an infinite, limitless love and may have an idealistic view of relationships as a result. A love of travel and exploration is another trait encouraged by Venus in Sagittarius. Typically, the individual will seek for a love partner with whom they may feel free to express their passionate, warm, and non-possessive emotions. It’s attractive to them because it’s free and opens up new possibilities for development in their lives.

One of the great psychological astrologers, Dane Rudhyar, has noted that each sign is in reaction to and has evolved from the extremes of the sign preceding it. This is particularly true of Venus in Sagittarius. The dark jealousies and intrigues of Venus in Scorpio seem puerile and unevolved to Venus in Sagittarius, which seeks to base its relationships on more objective and ethical principles. These people are vivacious and sociable, outspoken, and frank. Their conduct is ruled by traditional moral structures in which they seek to be open and honest in their relationships. They will often try to convert their spouses or partners to their own religious or moral beliefs simply to have mutually agreed upon rules of conduct. Jupiter’s rulership of Sagittarius can make them lavish and flamboyant in their artis-tic tastes, with a decided attraction to classical forms in both art and music, especially those with a religious or philosophical bent. Learning Astrology: An Astrology Book For Beginners