Cancer: Backwards Not Forwards

2408586 (1)Cancer represents the first forays into the inner side of life. The part of development when feelings are first stirred, when we initially reached out for love, comfort, and security. The feelings returned, in some way, fates the rest our intimate patterns of relating. The emotions always turn backwards in the zodiacal sign of Cancer. Virginia Wolfe says we don’t have complete emotions about the present, but in the past is where we feel an emotional whole. I guess, the past, in this light, is like a FULL MOON. However, if we stay too long in any cycle of life we don’t give as much of ourselves to present reality. Or it makes it difficult to project ourselves forward in time if we are always looking back. Being reflective can stir both positive and negative emotions, so it’s understandable why moods can change a lot in this sign.

What has passed cannot return, and in this sense there is always a sadness, clinging onto memories and a constant retrogression. We talk about retrograding planets in astrology, well, in Cancer things are always being re-thought, re-imagined, re-visited. Cancer is the ultimate sign of turning inwards not outwards, backwards not forwards, and thinking unconsciously not consciously. Cancer rules the roost, and this is where we are drawn backwards once again when life feels damn hard. Emotions have a powerful sway over Cancer, and it is thought to be where we really start a particular bias towards everything in life.

When the emotions are stirred, funny things also occur. Sometimes we overreact to little things because we have complex emotions stirred up. In other words, our reactions aren’t in proportion to the things we are reacting to. All water signs have this kind of personality trait in full force, the blind reactions. That is another important point, Lunar, as well as rewinding, returning, and reminiscing, she also rules all of our reactions. In the sense of rebirth, the Moon moves through a whole cycle of life and death. The Moon itself is always opposite the life-giving Sun – the progressive forward moving planet. The Sun and Moon reflect the dualism inherent in day and night, light and darkness, conscious activity and sleep. The Yin and Yang concepts of our being with states of “manifestation” and “non-manifestation.” Here today, gone tomorrow. Though at least there is security in knowing who we were in the past, who knows who we will be tomorrow, or what circumstances we find ourselves. This is the kind of uncertainty Cancer and the Moon fears.