Reflecting Over the Years

I’ve been having a reflective couple of days looking back over these posts. While I’m only just getting towards the Uranus opposite Uranus transit, I’ve done the other two (been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt). I moved house, got a mortgage, left an astrology group, and started over at the first Saturn Return. The Saturn square Saturn transit was at a time where I had to make the decision to either have more children (biological clock ticking) or to do something with this website and work at it full time. I couldn’t do both. I also got my body back and physical fitness (scared of aging perhaps under this mortal transit). I don’t know what the next transition will bring when Uranus opposes its own place, and maybe I’ll get the toyboy that’s listed on there haha!

Here are the transitions: You’ll either need them in the coming years or you can read them back in reflection. I updated these posts with some audio at the bottom of the page to give your eyes a rest. You can just stare at the lovely pictures while the post is being read to you (and be all reflective). Or, just read it as normal, whatever you prefer.

I did actually update this first post with something from Liz Greene in her Saturn book about the need to start over under that transit for some people, which fitted the theme perfect: