Moon in Taurus

September 1, 2011 by No Comments

The Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus, and both planet and sign, value security and safety. Taurus needs stability and can form an over attachment to the physical plane and mastering it. This need reflects both self-worth and their ability for self-sustainment, stamina and persistence. Moon in Taurus needs possessions and material comforts in order to feel safe and nourished and they need an unchanging environment. All the fixed signs need to maintain energy and hold on to it.  Fixed earth will naturally hold onto possessions, loved ones, money or physical objects and at times there can be an obsession with collecting things.

The sign of the bull does not liked to be rushed into action, they are stubborn and resistant to change. This person appreciates nature and preservation and unless other indicators say otherwise, new technology and advancements are not immediately welcomed. The Moon in Taurus can sometimes show laziness and even inertia and they tend to express feelings in a consistent and stable manner, they rarely change how they feel about something.  The individual is slow to anger and  unforgiving when crossed and they hold onto negative feelings for years.

These natives enjoy the simple life, but this is also a luxury loving sign and they appreciate good food, material things, furnishings, art and anything that pleases the senses. They are likely to enjoy tactile affection and often possess strong desires. Moon in Taurus has a stable influence on others and they value practicality and resourcefulness. However, these types do tend to be possessive, usually sticking in one marriage years. In mundane spheres, they tend to stay in the same job and maintain a fixed routine. Taurus needs to be careful that they don’t suffer stagnation, the concept of roots is important, but it can sometimes limit other possibilities. Usually, this person’s needs and desires are down to earth and they usually possess artistic ability and good taste.