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The Secretary: Mercury in Pisces

The Mercury in Pisces assistant has layers of a sensitive mind; deep down this go-between is a non- rational, non-definable, supernatural source of knowledge. Put it this way, there is no commitment to reason. They seek to know more about the mysteries of the soul. In this Mercury is a wonderful and mysterious power to withdraw the mind mentally from what is happening and submerge themselves in deeper waters. Ultimately, this is a complex placement for telling things straight, and it also makes for a powerfully reflective intellect. The mind wanders away from the immediate facts and takes a wider scope of reality. It’s not really this assistant’s fault if they’re always transcending the trivial and monotonous of mundane life. Naturally, they may be attracted towards psychic explanations for daily events, those unfathomable depths, and pockets of reality. The mind is always seeking emancipation from social situations, commitments, and restraints. This worker is unsystematic, chaotic in thinking, and strays regularly from the task at hand. The mind is filled to the brim with an “endless stream of life” and the mentality wants to go beyond everyday experiences, so it’s a difficult placement for Mercury when involved in day-to-day affairs. The mind connects with the inner ocean, and all sorts of things surface. This mentality just wants to float, to go with the ebb and flow of things. The mesmerizing netherworld is distracting to this poor Mercury and stops them from getting things done. Being overwhelmed, it’s easy to get unproductive, and sadly it can affect many other areas of their life. The rising sea of chaos makes such a big splash and undoes any other parts that they’ve worked hard upon. Unanswered email, unsorted mail, paying bills and doing all the myriad tasks that come up all the time. Mercury in Pisces needs a system in order to keep on top of all this little stuff. Sometimes they struggle to ask for help and don’t want to appear hopeless. It can stem from feeling self-conscious about being disorganized. The opposite sign of Pisces is Virgo, and they have developed systems. Mercury here needs some boundaries in their work schedule to manage the bulk. With a tendency to not do the necessary clerical work at home or on the job, they never develop a good system and allow backlogs to build up. Moreover, they are always chopping and changing their priorities so nothing gets properly developed. Sometimes when trying to assimilate information or follow steps, well, the mind begins to feel all fuzzy. Those constant changes of thought may annoy others. It’s a placement related to lots of misunderstandings, and this  position doesn’t encourage clear and logical thought. However, this is not a heavy criticism, because over time they develop an intuitive feel for the work. This secretary often works best at a solitary desk, somewhere peaceful and not stressful, too many comings and goings just stress their over-absorbant mind. Left alone, is when Mercury in Pisces true capabilities come to the fore. So don’t be too quick to judge their skills, for this mind is very rich in thought and super imaginative. If they find themselves in a creative line of work, the employer will be very pleased with their often very accurate feelings and impressions. Above all, this Mercury position has a superior artistic style and there are no boundaries to where the possibilities can travel. Apart from being an inspirational writer, they are very good at finding dream phrases, wording things in the most lovely light and, yes, advertising is wonderful. Communication wise, they’re never rash, and decisions are more emotional than rational. In essence, this secretary dictates notes from a self-induced trance, and so proper filing and organization can be something of a challenge. Answering the phone is perceived as a disturbance to their in-the-zone period. This administrator doesn’t have a sharp eye for details and hasn’t got a normal consciousness. Mercury in Pisces will rarely answer what you asked specifically, they usually reply with something from the unspoken realm. A myriad of detail that would baffle the conscious mind. If you ask them a question they love to sleep on it, and it can take a few nights for an answer to surface. This Mercury thinks about the flux of symbols and signs from the universe surrounding us. The person incubates problems, so don’t expect anything immediate, a quick witty or even concise answer. In the end, while their work is muddled together in a sea of confusion, they are forgiven by some people for some mistakes because they’re so jam-packed with information and insights. Okay, this Mercury isn’t the best at alphabetizing, punctuating, or organizing very well. Most folks, though, adore the ocean spilling forth from their mind. Although it can be difficult to follow their train of thoughts and shifts in topic. Instead of typing up factual data, this Mercury prefers taking notes from the deeper subconscious, and from the universal well of insights. I wouldn’t hire this Mercury to fine comb through the filing systems. When it comes to letters, they quite enjoy psychically reading the contents before looking inside. After all, this Mercury reveals its smartness when giving answers to life’s inexplicableness and, most of the time, their thoughts never seem to stop running around in circles. Why do they think in such mysterious ways? Some individuals may not quite comprehend what they’re talking about. However, please don’t be mean, they are oversensitive to criticism and kindness works best with this Mercury placement.  …

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