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The Watery Depths: Water Element/Moon-Neptune/Moon-Pluto

Question: I’m tired of being an emotional person (water planets & watery aspects), nobody has time for crybabies and moody people. I’m tired of my emotions because they ruin my days and my relationships. Being upset hurts my body. Being upset makes me unattractive. Any thoughts? The element of water can be so beautiful and healing and, I guess, destructive at times. Everyone on occasion has felt disproportionate emotion over a small matter or has felt emotions whose origin is so obscure or that may have no origin at all. Water is the image of the Enchantress, or the sympathetic mother or tender father. Water reflects those beings who understand everything and there’s a deep compassion and forgiveness even when the person can’t accept or forgive themselves. It is reflective of a human being who is nurturing, caring, and intimate. It can be manipulative, because Water also manipulates, devours, and disintegrates. The watery element of the psyche is that of the unconscious and, as is commonly known, the watery people have awesome depth. In psychology astrology, a person with a strong water nature may have many dreams of water, and this is part of the world which is flowing, creative, feeling, and relational. Water is seen as the bringer of life, regeneration of the life-force in us, and as potential awakener of the deeper soul feelings in our hearts. According to Richard Idemon, the water signs will always be connected with pain: “CANCER is the awakening of the pain of mother love. The love of the mother. The love of the mother for the child is painful. Not only is it physically painful to give birth (or so I’m told, as this is something I will never experience in this lifetime), but it’s also painful weaning the child, seeing the child grow up and having to let go of the child. The whole process of breaking the umbilical cord is a painful one for both parent and child, and this is something which should be fully and openly acknowledged.” “SCORPIO is the pain of the erotic. The pain of passionately and desiring and caring for something and someone with whom we want to merge, but with whom we can never totally merge because two separate entities can never become one, despite any illusions that sex gives us. We may merge for a moment in blissful orgasm, but then we are suddenly separate again, left with what the French very beautifully refer to as le petit mort the little death.” “PISCES also symbolizes pain: it is the pain of compassion, when our feelings are open to the entire collective, when we feel at one with everybody, and when our boundaries totally fall apart. Scorpio is connected with death and dying, but Pisces represents dissolution, which can often seem far more frightening than death. I think most of us would choose death over madness.” THE WATERY ASPECTS The Moon engages our heart and soul. Moon-Neptune has its needs. It can represent moods of weakness in her, some inner unbalance, sometimes a reflection of something noncommunicable. This mood of ‘lostness’  that pervades everything. The individual with this apsect may rush for comfort and to shelter, they may long for someone to say, “First of all I will comfort you and console you, first of all I will gather you together again, you’re always so battered by the outside world.” Some women (possibly men) despise these interpretations of Moon-Neptune because it is depicted as someone who is inwardly soft and pliable, whose very nature is fluid, flowing with the tide, accepting whatever life has to offer. In other words, so lacking in definition, form, and shape. The aspect being so doubly watery is highly susceptible and impressionable, it is a receiver, and  possesses a powerful feminine sensitivity. Beyond this interpretation, Moon-Neptune offers the wonderful opportunity to move beyond personal needs and achieve a deeper and more compassionate relationship with the whole of life. The individual may have strange compulsions which defy rational explanation, and which cause considerable pain and distress. Such compulsions are likely to reflect the urgent longing for fusion and the loneliness and isolation inherent in leaving paradise. Psychological astrologers state that this aspect can lead to eating disorders, the sudden horror of being touched, or death fantasies which invade sleep in the night. On an archetypal level, Moon-Neptune is like the “tragic artist” and some of these natives instinctively feel that they won’t be on this planet for long. The type is too in love with heaven, and can not, or will not, accept the limitations of mortality. The type is resistant to being born and more than a little in love with oblivion. Some people with this contact have expressed how it has had them lying in bed for weeks. The Moon in aspect to Neptune is fragile, intuitive, mystical, and vulnerable. Furthermore, the vulnerable side should be overemphasized because there can be a lot of helpless feelings that the individual may need to overcome. Overall, this aspect is symbolic of something delicate and sensitive. It’s the essence of the imaginative and emotional life. Moon-Neptune needs some kind of expressive art to channel their thoughts, emotions, ideas, dreams, hopes, and vision in an intentional and tangible way. A place for those wordless concepts that can’t quite be grasped until expressed through their favorite art form. Artistic expression expands and focuses their energy so that all the chaotic elements of life can be immersed in the beauty and depth of the soul. Moon-Pluto: Emotionally they can go through bad times, Dark Ages, the plagues, and so on. Those hard-hitting blow by blow hits on the emotional level. The aspect is deeply fascinating as they’re catapulted into supernatural events or dramatic events and the paranormal is almost ordinary. Just as restless animals sense impending doom, Moon-Pluto feels when a big change is brewing. Those with the Moon in aspect to Pluto are sensitive to the invisible realms, and the planet Pluto stirs them up uncomfortably without knowing why. The most profound inner changes happen. There is a lot of intense inner-probing, and it’s pretty common for these individuals to be thrown into emotional turmoil by strong forces they cannot handle or understand. Something within wants to get rid of the emotional baggage which is holding back their personal growth. It’s the aspect that can go through a thorough housecleaning. When handled with love, patience, and care it can be a reflection of real emotional honesty, loyalty, and inner convictions. Its regenerative powers are unrivalled, but they may feel bruised and battered through confrontation with family members (some feel they can’t be around their family without getting all fucked up) or tragic events in the personal sphere, but old emotions are purged and replaced with healthier attitudes and any remaining infantile behaviors or fixations are shed as they embrace power or rebirth, emotional wisdom, and evolutionary growth. Pluto makes them face the heartbreak of failed ideals, with the plague of any naiveties, and with the dark side of life.  …

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