Sun in the 7th House

When the Sun is in the 7th house there is often some concern about shining individually and being noticed for their own creative efforts. This house rules “projection” and in the early part of their life, the individual tends to give away that solar power to others. The solar energy in this house is symbolic[…]

Sun in 8th House

  The individual with the Sun in the 8th house tends to live a life characterised by drama, intensity and crisis. They crave intense experiences and are attracted to aspects of life that are hidden, unfathomable and taboo. Part of their meaning and journey in life involves developing the inner faith and confidence to explore[…]

Sun in 9th House

A person with the Sun positioned in the 9th house of the horoscope, seeks recognition through higher education, philosophy, law, culture, myths and foreign travel. The ninth house rules the search for universal truth and represents our expanding world view. The Sun here feels most alive, and the individual knows that their life has meaning,[…]

Sun in the 10th House

Those with the Sun in the 10th house want success and recognition in their chosen vocation, and fulfillment in life can only come from taking up the challenge of making their mark in the world. The Sun in this position desires to become socially influential and advance towards public recognition. The career, reputation, and public image[…]

Sun in 11th House

A person with Sun in the 11th house has a distinct awareness of the connection with all human beings. Fulfilment comes through the development of friendships, group and Internet participation. Leading groups and classes, and being involved in community efforts, social activities, events or movements are areas where they really shine and express their creativity.[…]

sun in 12th house

Sun in the 12th House

A person with the Sun in the 12th house has a deep receptivity to the sensitive and watery world of collective dreams, longings, and yearnings. The creative urge to be an individual is colored by the larger collective, and he or she will only find real fulfillment by journeying into the unseen and invisible dimensions[…]