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Transiting Uranus Aspects Venus

When transiting Uranus aspects Venus you become exhilarated by romance, art, and creativity. Love, enjoyment, and pleasurable activities, for its

Sun-Uranus: A Middle Finger to the Sky

Sun-Uranus people want to step up to a new level, think in a new way, and create life. Some have

Uranus Transits Mercury

When transiting Uranus aspects Mercury, your thinking expands to new levels, and you’ll feel that your learning more advanced things,

Uranus Transits Moon

When transiting Uranus aspects the Moon, your emotional patterns are changed and this manifests itself in various ways. It could

Uranus Transits Sun

Transiting Uranus to the Sun may bring a sense of enthusiasm and excitement. You cannot tell what the changes are

Sun Trine Neptune: The Compassionate Father Figure

I thought Wayne Dyer’s chart was an interesting case study of the father profile. The Spiritual Guru has Sun conjunct

Uranus Transits: Top 10 Most Shocking Events

Uranus leads to a strong impulse for rebellion and can certainly shock and bring scandalous events. The planet is non-conformist,

Uranus-Moon Transit: All of a Sudden

Uranus transits are good for getting you excited about new change and possibilities. Sometimes they can even get you thrilled

Uranus-Venus Transit – The Space Between Us

Does a Uranus-Venus transit signal divorce? If we have been considering a divorce this is most likely the time that

Uranus Strikes Again!

Uranus movements are personal disruption transits in the natal chart. The transit forces us to re-think aspects of our life