Venus in Gemini

With Venus in GEMINI, you love in a light-hearted way and have a lovely sparkling quality. You’re generally social, witty, clever, and fun to have around. In many ways, you are like the social butterfly flitting from flower to flower, but you have been accused of being an incorrigible flirt because you enjoy the company of others so much. In love, you are more interested in the intelligence of a person, and you usually like to communicate and like phone calls, cards, and love letters.

Language is loved and so you seek pleasure in sharing your thoughts with others. Hence, this may be the placement of someone who enjoys reading romance novels, inclined to talk about other people’s relationships, and who have a penchant for matchmaking. With this position of Venus in Gemini, you enjoy variety in your relationship and flexibility keeps you appearing youthful and fresh. Lovers in your life have to be interesting and have the desire to learn new things, so intelligence is usually on the top of your list of qualities of what you’re looking for in a partner. Someone who never talks, surprises you, or asks any questions will only leave you feeling bored and restless.

Others may consider you to be superficial and inconsistent and being a dualistic sign sometimes you do actually have more than one lover. However, if there are planets in water signs and/or earth signs it tends to balance out this flirtatious tendency. The sign of Gemini hates possessiveness and what you desire is a social life, to love lightly, and need a variety of contacts in order to satisfy your crazy curiosity about people. Your Venus in Gemini wants to be friends with everyone and you are, in fact, deeply charming, and make for a very delightful companion as long as nobody tries to clip your wings.

Jeff Green says,

The Venus in Gemini person relates to other people in a very open, friendly way. They are naturally attracted to anyone who symbolises new experiences or knowledge. Because they are open to all the possibilities of life, they are open to, and accepting of, the differences in all people. They are colour blind, so to speak. They are able to relate to people in a very free way devoid of prejudice. They are quite skilled at drawing people out of themselves. 

With Venus in Gemini, you seek a multitude of friendships, cultural activities, and traveling with loved ones. Sometimes a youthful partner is sought, and someone who shares your love of lively conversations, enjoys playing games, and keeps all social situations ‘light.’