Venus in Gemini

When Venus is in GEMINI, you love in a light-hearted manner and exude a charming dazzling energy in your relationships. You’re typically outgoing, humorous, and bright, and you’re a pleasure to be around. While you are similar to the social butterfly, fluttering from one blossom to another, you have been accused of being an uncontrollable flirt since you are so enthralled by the company of others. While in love, you are more interested in a person’s brains than their looks, and you like communicating with them through phone calls, cards, and love letters.

Language is something you enjoy, and thus you look forward to the opportunity to share your opinions with others. In other words, this may be the placement of someone who likes reading romance novels, is naturally drawn to discussing other people’s relationships, and has a strong desire to help others find love. With Venus in Gemini in this position, you will appreciate variation in your relationship, and your ability to adapt will keep you looking youthful and invigorated. In order to be fascinating and to have a strong drive to learn new things, the traits you seek in a spouse are typically pus intelligence at the top of the list of attributes you seek in a mate. Someone who never speaks, never surprises you, and never asks any questions would simply make you feel bored and restless because they are uninteresting.

Others may believe you to be shallow and inconsistent, and because you are a dualistic sign, you may indeed have more than one partner at a given point in time. However, if there are planets in water signs and/or earth signs, this flirting propensity is more likely to be balanced out. Because the sign of Gemini despises possessiveness, you strive for a social life, like to love lightly, and require a diverse network of connections in order to fulfil your insatiable curiosity about other people. Due to your Venus in Gemini, you want to befriend everyone, and you are in fact, quite appealing. You would make an excellent partner so long as no one attempts to clip your wings.

Jeff Green says,

The Venus in Gemini person relates to other people in a very open, friendly way. They are naturally attracted to anyone who symbolises new experiences or knowledge. Because they are open to all the possibilities of life, they are open to, and accepting of, the differences in all people. They are colour blind, so to speak. They are able to relate to people in a very free way devoid of prejudice. They are quite skilled at drawing people out of themselves. 

When Venus is in Gemini, you are looking for a wide range of friendships, cultural activities, and travel with loved ones to fill your time. In other cases, a young companion is desired, preferably someone who appreciates vibrant chats as much as you do, who enjoys playing games with you, and who keeps all social settings ‘light.’