Venus in Gemini: Lover’s Messenger

When Venus is in Gemini, your romantic life and personality take on a more carefree and engaging air. Having fun with you is certain because of your positive attitude, amazing sense of humour, and divine knowledge. Others have labelled you as an enticing flirt because of how much you like interacting with new people. I’d liken you to a social butterfly, which flits from flower to flower, because that’s how you interact with people. The other person’s thoughts and feelings become extremely important to you when you’re in love, and you cherish any chance you get to communicate with them, whether it’s by a phone call, a card, or a letter in the mail.

You jump at the chance to speak with new people and improve your linguistic abilities. If you have a deep desire to write about love or play matchmaker, and a voracious taste for romance novels, you might be a good candidate for the role of lover’s messenger. You and your partner need to be free and adaptable if you want to keep your relationship healthy over the long haul. You should choose someone clever over the shallow kinds who can hold your attention for all of five minutes. You need to be with someone who can keep you engaged and who has a strong passion to learn new things, a dull person in their speech, questions, or disclosures never evokes any emotion for you other than boredom.

Since you are a dualistic sign, you may find yourself in more than one relationship at once. You were born with a strong aversion to possessiveness, a more carefree attitude toward romantic relationships, and an insatiable demand for social engagement thanks to Venus in Gemini. You’re likeable and approachable, and you seem to want to be friends with everyone. You can be a good friend if nobody tries to stifle your uniqueness, stunt your development, or clip your wings.

Jeff Green says in Pluto, Vol II: The Soul’s Evolution Through Relationships,

The Venus in Gemini person relates to other people in a very open, friendly way. They are naturally attracted to anyone who symbolises new experiences or knowledge. Because they are open to all the possibilities of life, they are open to, and accepting of, the differences in all people. They are colour blind, so to speak. They are able to relate to people in a very free way devoid of prejudice. They are quite skilled at drawing people out of themselves. 

When Venus is in Gemini, you feel an insatiable would really like to meet new people, engage in a variety of cultural activities, and take trips with the individuals you care about the most. In other cases, you’ll want a young companion, one who enjoys energetic conversations as much as you do, games as much as you do, and who keeps a “light” demeanour no matter the occasion.