Uranus transits 5th House

tumblr_n015zb2Zro1r7fbd1o1_500When Uranus transits the 5th house it signifies that children, love affairs and the creative side of life are in need of change. The heart is newly awakened and this is a time of unusual dating and romantic patterns. Uranus rules reinvention, trying something new and experimenting with our potential.

The 5th house tells us something about our hobbies and what we like to do for fun. “Pastimes” are really a way of expressing our childlike self, it’s the part of us that enjoys creating for fun. When Uranus transits the 5th house it is an excellent time to experiment with different types of hobbies and recreational activities. Discovering undeveloped and unrealized potential on the creative side of life is what this transit has in mind.

When Uranus transits the houses it represents a time for progress, improvement and helps us break free of our limitations. The twelve houses are the many different sectors of life representing different areas of development. The fifth house rules children, romantic love, and gambling. As Uranus transits through the 5th house of self-expression we will project a new and exciting magnetism, but this energy can also attract some unusual people in our lives.

We might begin exciting romances that bring out the romantic rebel. Often Transits to the 5th house and Sun-Uranus transits also create new births, and some women may find themselves suddenly pregnant. Be warned, if you don’t want a child be careful with birth control, but that goes without saying even when Uranus is not in the 5th house. However, Uranus releases so much new potential and often brings shocks and surprises to whatever house it is transiting through.

For teenagers, it could be the time they explore dating. Freedom is fun, but they need to be careful that they are not being overly rebellious, just for the sake of it. If we have children watch their behavior during this time, as they may start demanding more freedom and acting rebellious. If we are a parent and have been too hard with the rules, allow the child some room for self-expression and let them explore what they would like to do. We could try and bring some excitement into the lives of our children. Older children often need space to explore their self-identity and we may be separated from them for a while.