Mercury in Virgo

46e807c21da948dce4d8ffdcdff0c274Mercury in Virgo (exalted) views and perceives life through detail and piecing all the parts together into an orderly whole. The analytical abilities are far above average and information needs to be clear and easily digestible. Clarity and conciseness are what matter in writing, speech, and communication. Sometimes, however, by being overly immersed in detail they can lose a broad vision. Virgo has a critical nature, especially when it comes to minor issues. This placement of Mercury strives to be logical and objective. Information is gathered for useful purposes and there is often an interest in systems, health, and work related subjects.

Mercury in Virgo sets out mental tasks to complete, they have an innate, intellectual filing system, sorting out what is relevant and useful. The discriminatory abilities are powerful and the individual cares more about accuracy than relying on the imagination. Correctness is important; they are very careful about what information is relayed to others. Moreover, they are least likely to swallow concepts whole and need to scrutinize what is presented. In fact, they break information down and only use what is applicable to the reality and observation.

Factual information is what matters and this is a good placement for studying, analytic thinking and speaking. Reasoning ability is also well-developed because they will always try to find the most logical solution to any problem. When the individual is involved in mental activities, they do not waste time and will involve themselves in specialized branches of knowledge. When problem-solving, they intellectually think about the pro’s and cons before verbalizing their answer. Classification is a specialty, along with areas which involve compiling data and sorting out factual information. The type ensures a step is not missed in mental evaluations and prefers to use methods of breaking down complicated information and analyzing it piece by piece. In this way, they come to a much clearer understating of the totality of a problem.

8175712_f260Mercury here really dislikes to make mistakes and pays fine attention to grammar and spelling, keeping their focus sharp and honing in on all those details. Sequence, order, and evaluation are a high priority in their work.

STRENGTH Methodic thinking. Analytical understanding that realistically, instinctively, and incorruptibly decides between what is practical and impractical, useful and useless, purposeful and a waste of time. Clear, concise, sober, methodical, and smart. Loves dealing fastidiously with details. Very precise written and oral expression. Businesslike and scientific thinking.  Keywords for astrology