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1397623Those with the Sun conjunct, square or opposite Moon need to bring together the self-expression with the vulnerable, needy and inner side of the personality. A Sun-Moon aspect is functioning at a level which brings the internally conscious self and deeper instincts in line with the core identity. All of this must be achieved without pulling away from the emotional self or losing control and being overpowered by the lunar side of nature. The self and the child/instinctive element of the make-up are both powerful in the personality. Thus, the two most dominating drives of the character are equally and intensely felt and so when the individual wants to set off on a course of their own self-development there can be some emotional frustration.

The Moon represents the mysterious inner world to which depth psychology calls ‘the unconscious’ and it has always been known as a trip wire in life. For this reason, the deeper workings of fate follow and express itself when the person expresses a unique sense of being an individual. Another and equally significant aspect of the Moon is that it is a hidden world filled with rich potential, emotional intuitiveness, and is profoundly empathetic. While it can make the person more sensitive, it can also continually pull them back into the realm of emotions. Similarly, there is a longing not to separate from others as it portrays a deep fear of loneliness. Whether those with the Sun and Moon in contact will be dominated by the internal being is dependent upon which part is stronger – the “I” as a separate being and the urge to remain loyal to one’s heart (Sun) or the need for safety, security and the needs of everyday life (Moon).

Those with the Sun conjunct Moon aspect can usually act as a unifying energy and it is often viewed by astrologers as an incredibly powerful and potent combination in the horoscope. The sign and house they fall into can dominate the life with the constant feeling of the seeds of new potentials and beginnings. When the Sun and Moon are opposed to one another, often the darker, more primitive aspects of the personality come to the fore, and the individual needs to bring the secretive inner world and instinctive expression in line with the conscious goals and motivations.

The Moon will always be a shadowy realm, taking us into strange lit places, and familiar haunts. In this way, walking back down the same worn path every time the solar aspect of the person attempts to grow, detach, and individuate as a person. The wonderful thing about the nature of a Sun-Moon aspect is that the self can be in touch with the intuitive, psychic, and the mysterious rhythm of life that occupies the lunar side. Another facet of the journey of the Sun-Moon type is that they will at some time meet on their path with the hidden inner world. In material terms, this can be a clash with family, the women in their life, and anything maternal. It can be a meeting with their own unconscious selves the needs, and depths of the soul which also do not appreciate being ignored when one is following their destiny in the outer world. The Moon implies the unfolding of our lives, through an invisible force.

The Sun and Moon are essentially opposites, the yang and yin, male-female, husband-wife and conscious and unconscious and it will tell them whether the emotional side is in agreement with what we want to do in life. Often many people prefer emotional support in what they are doing, and many insights will be gained throughout the course of life concerning the emotional programming, deeper self at work and they will assess what those fundamental needs that dominate the life at times.

When striking out on the journey of self-individuation, they will soon experience if the safety, nourishment and family and community are there supportive in the background. Those with Sun-Moon contacts may be incredibly connected to the past, sometimes in positive ways, and other times relying too heavily on a sense of physical security. The fiery Sun is a separate planet, it can go along its own path it has a purpose to fulfill, but the watery feel of the Moon will always be illuminated and the task is to get both sides to genuinely harmonize with each other.