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Mercury in Cancer: Intuitive Thinker

Water isn’t the most congenial element for Mercury since water tends to blur thinking, and bring in a lot of emotional content to sift through. Mercury is purely mental, light in expression and easy with words. Mercury in Cancer processes at a subconscious level and will bring in an emotional tone to all forms of communication. This placement is quick to pick up on the emotional meaning implicit in other’s communication, immediately tuning into moods permeating the personal environment. There is an inclination to veer from reason to emotion in thinking patterns. In other words, Mercury here isn’t ruled by logic, but responds strongly to inner feelings that it can sometimes seem slightly irrational, believing in various ideas because they ‘feel right’. Mercury in this sign will often protect its thoughts from outside threats and so this is an especially defensive mind. Mercury here isn’t governed by rationale, and reacting to inward sentiments is more their style. What does a planet like Mercury in Cancer need?  Well, usually it is safety, a protecting home for their thoughts, a closed shell in which to do internal work and analyze the emotions. To travel safely into this inward universe of feeling. This is basically where their psychic voyages lead. Moreover, their significant subjectivity elevates creative ability, adds depth as the individual shyly expresses the thoughts stirring inside. Mercury here speaks with feeling, takes on a softness, and will often pull back.  Any planet in Cancer seems to be more moody and touchy. While such sensitivity enhances psychic ability it can also cause the mind to only open up tentatively to new ideas and it snaps shut at any hint of criticism, coldness or hurtful comment. Regardless of how out-going the rest of their natal horoscope might be, Mercury in Cancer individuals can be extremely subjective and individual, or they choose not to talk. This sign is brimming with feeling and this can be conveyed towards anything in their particular sphere of life. Mercury in Cancer could be the counselor with soothing words, the essayist with an imaginative and memorable story inside, or administrator colleague who has a delicate and touchy touch. The person often settles on decisions as they emerge from the unconscious rather than taking the initiative. Mercury here will tend to g0 forward and backward until totally secure in the feeling of making the right choice. Mercury in Cancer will recall just about anything – from their own particular past, to your discussion last year. The memory is somewhat shifted toward feeling, actually, these individuals recall the moods encompassing every personal exchange, they have to put it away in their memory. This is on account of “understanding you” when you are talking with them. The words are not as critical to them as the feelings hidden underneath. The sentiments behind the words are far more relatable. Mercury in Cancer must connect deeply, and will be full of feeling which will be used to convey what they need to say. The individual can explain things sensitively and with a huge sense of emotional feeling. Discussions with Mercury in Cancer can sporadically stop in the midst of any issue which is making them feel uncomfortable. When the cord has been cut on the conversation, there is normally no chance to “go back” once more. Unless, you like prying thoughts out of them with a wrench, as generally the psyche firmly clasps shut. In the social domain, Cancer seems to be delicate, natural, and the mind has a tinge of the nostalgic when talking. Now and then, they can show up very cautious at a party as though concealing something, they can think about things deeply. Still, in relating with them, words are utilized to make you feel warm and secure. It can take time to adjust to sensitive Cancer’s way of thinking, especially if one is prone to saying something bluntly and without consideration. By focusing on the insightful knowledge found when engaged in a soulful conversation with this individual, rich rewards are obtained….

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