Uranus in 9th House

uranus in 9th house

An individual with Uranus in the 9th house believes in freedom of beliefs, religion and liberty in their way of life.

The type can find it hard conforming to any custom of organized faith, or any form of belief which is automatically accepted. With Uranus placed here, the soul may be considered to have unique, unusual and even eccentric views.

Uranus when positioned in the 9th house of the horoscope, does not readily accept ideas and rebels strongly against being told what to believe. They may resist a number of higher education establishments unless the teachers are open minded, progressive and enlightened. The individual may also be interested in studying Uranus related subjects – science, sociology, computers, astrology and astronomy. Those with this placement often encounter exciting teachers, and similarly this person is considered a highly stimulating and electric educator.

More than any other placement of Uranus, this is the kind of individual interested in the truth of the system. In fact, Uranus revolutionizes and changes their world-view quite dramatically. They tend to see traditional religion as restrictive, meaningless ritual with little to offer them. Uranus in the 9th house has a reformist, advanced and Utopian vision. Sometimes, difficult aspects to Uranus describe someone who may be too abstract in their philosophy on life, and will stop at nothing to disrupt the status quo.

uranus in 9th house

Unusual and unexpected experiences come through travel, and journeys can awaken new perspectives on life. They often feel others are unwilling to take risks and venture out of deeply ingrained perspectives and views. The individual likes to collect a panorama of thoughts on politics, beliefs, and philosophy.

The ninth house is where we form our concepts of God and Universal Law. Therefore, Uranus in the 9th house makes the individual more aware of larger social issues, and they push for broad-mindedness and understanding. Moreover, they look at life from many different angles and have an abundance of intuitive insight. Wherever Uranus is placed in the chart is where we resist control, accepted routes, and normal codes of behaviour.

Uranus searches for systems, ideologies and isms. Uranus also correlates with the need to expand consciousness and advance the human race through an act of liberation. New age subjects may be favoured, and they may experience sudden mystical revelations. Plans for the future may constantly change, and they venture in completely different directions.

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