Sun-Moon Synastry

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sun-moon-synastrySun-Moon synastry contacts are like the yin and yang of all relationship interactions. The King and Queen, the male and female. Astrologically the Sun and Moon naturally complement one another, and the Sun’s self-expression meets with the emotional reactions of the Moon.

If the Sun and Moon are sextile or trine to one another, it is the Sun person who lights the way and the Moon person supports and nourishes the Sun’s aims, goals and objectives. The Moon is understanding, comforting, and plays an emotionally supportive role in the relationship.

The Moon is concerned with the past and everything that has preceded the present. Whereas the Sun is focused on the future, and what is coming and will unfold. The Sun is represented by the Greek god Apollo, he could see the future, and had the gift of prophecy. Apollo gave an oracle his powers, but she could not answer yes or no. The person looking for answers had to discover the meaning for themselves.

When the Sun and Moon are conjunct there is a common and similar approach to life and the way one person moves forward in life the other person has kind of been there before and understands. The Moon person is always the reactive one in the partnership and the Sun person in the pro-active one and their sense of purpose is keenly felt by the Moon. The Sun represents our ability to procreate, and when the Moon person supports this, it nurtures and feeds the Sun’s creativity and direction in life.

It is nice to have someone supporting the person we are trying to become, and the emotional response of this contact creates a warm, supportive and generous interaction. With the easy contacts, there is co-operation and both illuminate one another, the Moon bathes in the warmth of the Sun and feels reflective, contemplative and warmed in his/her presence, and feels safe expressing their vulnerable side. In turn, the Sun person has finally found someone who can be there for them, and the Moon person creates a container for the Sun’s growth.

The Inner Marriage

This pairing is very much like the Union of Opposites: In alchemical terms, this is called the conjuctio. The inner marriage is the union between opposites: yin and yang, masculine and feminine, spirit and soul, or heaven and earth. This is the powerful place of centre which can hold the opposite or dual forces of life and the human quest for union.

Carl Jung, as part of his life-long interest into astrology, researched five hundred married couples, using their birth charts to test the classic aspects. He found a significant proportion had Sun conjunct Moon, Moon conjunct Moon conjunct Ascendant, and reported his findings in the monograph, Synchronicity – An Acausal Connecting principle.

However, I read somewhere about the discrepancies of the study, and he only used the conjunction and opposition. The planets and points used in the study were the Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars. Jung said these two aspects (Sun-Moon & Moon-Moon) have long been mentioned in the old traditional literature, as marriage characteristics and they, therefore, represent the oldest tradition.

In some of the older textbooks when the Moon belonged to the woman and the Sun belonged to the man and both were in conjunction or harmonious aspect, it was said that she would make the best of wives. While the male partner with the Moon would make domesticated husbands, and would meekly submit to the wife’s beck and call. Whatever the case we can see how both male and female roles come into play.

Traditional Roles

In the olden days, the woman supported the male and naturally played the home-maker and domesticated partner, and some of this are true today. Still, I believe most people are trying to live out the best of both worlds. The Sun person is the “I” and the Moon person is the “soul” of the union. It’s easy to see why astrologers dub the Sun and Moon conjunction the “Soul Mate” aspect.

On some level, if someone is attuned, familiar and at ease (moon) with who we are as a person (Sun) it is understandable to think we have found “the one”. When the conscious goals of the Sun person are in tune with the unconsciousness expression of the other creates a powerful feeling of emotional containment. Of course, we still need to look at other synastry contacts in the chart to support this interpretation.

Sun-Moon aspects can bring out the brilliance of the Sun person, and the Moon is yielding, adaptable, and fluid. However, if these planets are opposed or square to one another we may see the Sun’s goals in life challenging the basic rhythm and natural flow of the Moon. It’s kind of like seeing our mother and father disagreeing. The Sun rules the male principle and the father figure and the Moon rules over the feminine principle and the mother figure.

The Sun person cannot feel where the Moon is coming from and the Moon cannot see where the Sun is heading. It may be as simple as two temperaments clashing and not necessarily that one person will not support the other. The Sun and Moon are two of the most powerful personality factors in the chart, but the past conditioning of one struggles to support the self-expression of the other person.

The Sun-Moon opposition is easily attracted to one another, and the elements can be balanced, but with all hard Sun-Moon contacts the Sun’s energy can feel dominating and insensitive and the Moon person may be perceived as over-emotional, dependent and sensitive.

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