Pluto in 11th House

tumblr_nehftd2gBF1rt1b9qo1_1280An individual with Pluto in the 11th house may find intense emotional experiences through groups, friendships, and society at large. They may wish to transform society to knock it down and rebuild it from scratch. In fact, they can display extraordinary passion towards groups of people, social ideals and movements. The forming of any of these alliances creates profound and life-altering change in the individual. The people they are acquainted with are the catalysts for growth.

The individuals they meet have an effect on the life for a very long time. It may not be easy to shake off the experiences they have with groups, friends and others. They may form life-changing relationships, but they are also likely to be fueled with drama at times. Other Pluto in the 11th house people feel very uncomfortable in group situations, and they can become paranoid in crowds. The type is quite aware of the darker thoughts and feelings of any group. Moreover, the death or loss of friends can affect the individual deeply, and a crisis of some kind could lead them to take up a cause, fighting for social change in some area.

Here the native’s passion involves itself with friendships that are treasured and guarded with zeal. The motto is quality, not quantity. Much time and care are expended in choosing those who they eventually accept into their circle of intimates. Expressing unwavering loyalty, they would willingly die for those friends and in return they expect the same pledge from them, In time, the Pluto root pruning takes the form of discarding from their life those friendships which are no longer valid or of value as they go forwar through life. By The Power of Pluto

Pluto here might find themselves resentful, jealous and mistrustful of friends. The need to control and dominate a group may also be a problem; they find themselves feeling disturbed, isolated and deeply impacted within social networks of people. When Pluto is in the 11th house, the soul also feels that these activities can become demanding and overwhelming dominating the life.

Wherever Pluto is placed there is always a feeling that fate, destiny or karma is at work. With Pluto in the 11th house, a compulsive relationship with a friend and the extremes of emotion experienced by this person could be one theme repeating in their life. Moreover, the person will fight tooth and nail for friends.  Some friendships may prove difficult and they may cause problems through sexual tensions, violence, abuse, blackmail and dangerous power struggles.

A mistrust of others often develops, but with Pluto, we first view the dark side of a situation and so come across some unethical predicaments. The feeling of powerlessness and helplessness with deep-reaching transformations is another possibility and this usually happens through groups, charities and memberships involving large organizations.

This placement is often associated with replacing one group of associates with another so that they form a whole new group. It can also bring deep, rewarding and powerfully loyal relationships, and the individual may be interested in scientific or humanitarian pursuits, and the repression of freedom could be a powerful issue raised.

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