Taurus: Object-Identity Fusion

The Sun in Taurus is thought to be set in this lifetime. One must aspire to live comfortably, to seek peace along with deep contentment and, in every sense, find an inner sense of security, rather than relying on outer representations in the physical world.

The images of a security conscious person, will often include money, marriage, job, or status, anything in order to feel safe. The gifts and abilities to be accessed through the solar part of the identity in Taurus, all relate to great powers of endurance and on grounding the self in the material realm. Perhaps artistic and creative gifts will need to be developed.

It may appear that Taurus will be most stuck in life, but every soul has a goal, even those who want to to remain exactly as they are and never change. Staying the same in the face of constant onslaught of perpetual change is no easy task, no matter how snuggly you strap yourself into a reclining lazy boy recliner, how firmly you close your eyes, how deeply you stick your fingers in your ears, and how loudly you hum.

The more difficult manifestations of Taurus is becoming entrenched in symbols of security and being stuck in a rut. Children begin to say “mine!” around the age of 2 years and they begin to value, treasure and find enormous worth in toys, often becoming possessive. This is when we learn our early sense of ownership and claim over objects. The danger threatens when materialistic possessions are associated with feeling good about oneself, and linking ownership with happiness. The earthly world is the natural element for this green loving sign. The pleasurable feelings derived from owning something, even from an aesthetic and design viewpoint is a kind of “love”. We all remember the first album we owned and the psychological reason for the need to own things could be to attain a feeling of love, perhaps money bought affection.

One man with a Taurean Sun, lived most of his life at war. In a relationship, he was sexually intense, jealous and obsessive. In  later years, a quiet lifestyle is what was sought and simply enjoying the pleasures of life. Sometimes labelled as a “self indulgent beast” with desires difficult to harness, one must also acknowledge the rulership of Venus, the goddess of love. Some Taureans get locked up in the purely sensual and sexual expression of the being, and this is when life needs to find some balance.

According to Alan Oken’s Evolutionary Spiral: (Soul Centred)

Functioning on the totally Personality-Centered Level– beautiful material possessions and physical pleasures are the major focus on this level.There is an instinctive urge to acquire possessions and to experience emotional sensations. TAURUS is very stubbornly in pursuit of these pleasures. Any sense of lack experienced by TAURUS is based on the desire to have more of everything. There is a tendency to clutter one’s space and to gain weight. TAURUS’ cup is always half empty. TAURUS learns about desire through her direct physical plane experiences.

Awakening to the Soul-Personality Relationship– since desires and values determine the direction of the will, TAURUS’ primary test is the transformation of desires. At this level, TAURUS confronts the urge to release her attachment to the desire nature. TAURUS struggles with her aspirations to nourish, supply, and give of herself freely – and – the equally strong urge to possess. The TAURUS/SCORPIO polarity is at its most powerful. As TAURUS undergoes the death and resurrection process within Scorpio, she is endowed with great artistic and creative potency. TAURUS moves more into the creative expression of her 4th RAY of Harmony thru Conflict (Beauty and Art). Right speech and right livelihood become of paramount interest—leading to right use of the Will.

Soul-Centered Individual– Vulcan rules the soul-centered TAURUS. At this level, TAURUS is freed from attachments to matter and the chains of desire. Vulcan now leads TAURUS in creating tools (Vulcan’s symbol is the hammer) that allow one to forge Light into Matter and to transform matter back into Light. The soul-centered TAURUS is the white magician, the true healer. The “Eye of the Bull” radiates forth, clearly pointing the way to spiritual presence and Divine Will. The “art of living” assumes enhanced meaning. TAURUS’ professional/artistic experience is now—by its very nature—transformative.Freed from attachment, TAURUS now expresses in ways that are uplifting and healing to everything in her environment.TAURUS can infuse life into her creations. The Horn of Plenty is now present.

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