Gemini: Trails of Thought

The Heavenly Twins represent the MUTABLE phase of energy and indicate the need for change, adaptation, and transmutation. All of this happens through the mode of air, showing the mind taking flight, and becoming a vehicle for transmitting thoughts, discovering new ideas, and dipping into knowledge. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is linked to our daily conscious, those things which occupy our minds incessantly, non-stop, and all of the general mental impressions. Gemini’s quickening mental powers possess intellectual dexterity; they are masters at wriggling out of a difficult situation. Many are drawn to study, but it is the concept of communication which is the true quest of the Geminian. The descriptions of this zodiac sign will often focus on their calling in life to be correspondents, teachers, heralds, consuls, interpreters, multilingual persons or writers. Gemini will find achievement in any profession that calls for originality, springiness, candidness and communications skills, they are pretty darn multifaceted/multifaced.

Gemini is a sign of boundless curiosity compelled by a predisposition to travel. They are regarded by astrologers as seeking ‘breadth’ not ‘depth’, so their investigations lack concentration and deep perception. They are a better fit to take in enough information about a wide variety of topics, which adds to their status as fine talkers. They are not usually extreme in their opinions and eager to switch and trade their thoughts, notions, and ideas with others, or even to adapt their viewpoint to suit the crowd. Moreover, they have a need for intellectual independence and need to feel a mental rapport with others, otherwise, one meets with the distracted, restless, and unfocused twin. There is the cool ability to relish in a wide-ranging variety of friends from different interests and dispositions and this has given Gemini a name for being incredibly easy to converse with – charming, sociable, someone who moves towards outgoingness and brightness.

With all of the air signs, there is a powerful emphasis on socializing. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius relate to siblings, cousins, relationships, associates, the public, groups and worldwide associates. The lessons these airy signs teach are all about brotherhood, friendliness, and union, and ultimately to evolve into working together for a larger cause, collaborative effort, and network in groups. Gemini, as the first of the air signs, rules the immediate environment. The power of language and speech falls under this terrain, whereby ideas can be communicated to others through discussion, writing, education and so forth.

Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, and so the theme of dualities and synchronicities will be existent. They love the sense of variety in this contrast. Going back and forth as a Mutable Sign is carved into their nature. Monotonous and dull routine are two things they fear, and they’ll go to all kinds of extremes to avoid them. Being Changeable is the most important aspect to comprehend when really trying to understand their personality. They value freedom and the ability to travel mentally, spiritually or physically. It’s pointless for anyone to try to pin them down, and box them into a corner. For Gemini, their spirit is in traveling, not in moving homeward bound. They love to walk around any new territory, see the way people converse. With their own inquisitive and creative ideas, they are open to a different way of looking at things.

The type is up-to-the-minute, up-to-date, and daily life will have them constantly living off new crazes; they like to be the first in-the-know. They are deeply interested and willingly attend to others. They want to acquire, sample and learn all about everything as quickly as possible. They are interested in the whole shebang. They find it hard to envision that someone is indifferent to all of the fascinating things of the world. Through their highly developed intellectual ability, they have the gift of seeing all sides of a problem. Gemini feels strong about being confined to narrow patterns of thought. This inner elasticity of all the mutable signs must be able to have movement to continue to grow and gain further knowledge. Even when Gemini has decided on a course of action, it is most likely that they’ll change direction on the offshoot of the minute. In a jiffy, they have turned around and are following new trails of thought, like breadcrumbs, towards a different direction.