Emotional Understanding: Moon Trines Synastry

When a person’s Moon trines a planet or chart point in the horoscope of someone else, what it tends to offer psychologically to the relationship is a gentle sympathy, waves of understanding, and emotional receptivity. The Moon person responds in an attuned way to the other’s planet or points in this cross-fertilization of charts as they intermingle. The Lunar energy will mother and nurture the partner’s development in that sphere of life. The only downside is being too much of a security blanket and blocking development. However, overall, the Moon person is sympathetic, relates in a comfortable way within this relationship. If the relating side of things is uncomfortable, it is certainly not due to this lunar-loving part of nature that is not about to rock the boat.  The Moon represents the emotional and feminine self, where an individual feels in touch with their empathy, sensitivity, and understanding.

The Moon is the Mother. In lunarization the Moon wants to nurture the planet it touches, bringing it from weakness to strength, from infancy to maturity. It wants to comfort that planet, to fill it with vision and imagination, to make it happy. How does Luna go about realizing her aim? Crudely, sometimes. She’s like a person who believes passionately and dogmatically that psychotherapy is the answer to any question. “What do you feel? Why do you think you feel that way? How do you feel about feeling that?” I’ts easy to lampoon this process -but it works. It succeeds in opening up the unconscious: Pandoras’s box again. Trouble is, the Moon might find the box is harder to close than it was to open. Love, Sex and Evolutionary Astrology