Month: February 2017

Pluto in the 5th House: The Blackhearts

The 5th house rules romance, passion, and ardour and Pluto, the planet which takes us into the depths of intensity,

Mercury-Neptune: Lost in Thought

The elusive formula and meta lost thoughts that are, drumroll, ¬†found in Mercury-Neptune’s evasive domain. Info washes over the native

Sun-Neptune: A Symbolic World

Question: I’m discovering Jung’s magnum opus, The Red Book. I had some thoughts: Jung, who used astrology in his medical

Mercury-Neptune: The Great Wide Sea

We imagine things that are not before our eyes. Thinking is just different with this aspect, it's not directional and

12th House Transits: Deep Diving

Question: What does a planet do when it transits to the 12th house? What are its effects and how do

Moon-Pluto: The Magic of Drama

A Moon-Pluto individual has such turbulent depths, so much so, that even their own emotions scare them at times.This is

Moon-Neptune: A Deep Interior World

An abundance of emotion is captured with this combination. With the double water domination, they are extremely sensitive to the

Moon-Uranus: Suddenly Home

Moon-Uranus needs personal space and intellectual freedom to explore their interests, especially anything new and startling. Delving into far-out concepts,

Moon-Saturn: Dowdy?

With the Moon in aspect to Saturn, there is that feeling of being deprived in early childhood, parental lacks, deprivation

Moon-Jupiter: Amazing Feelings!

With the Moon in aspect to Jupiter, astrologers believe that these people have great expectations and there is a feeling