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Mercury-Jupiter: Do You Have To Exaggerate?

Question: Mercury-Jupiter gives one a tendency to exaggerate the truth. Not to lie, but simply to exaggerate the truth. Any thoughts? True, some of the more extreme Mercury-Jupiter types can exaggerate about nearly everything they’ve done, seen, and experienced. If challenged, they will often justify it by saying something like, “exaggerations make the story more interesting.” The aspect has a tendency for exaggeration, so things may be said like, “My grandson has been all over Europe (Paris and Brussels are not “all over.”) So it’s not that they lie but can stretch the truth just a little (or a lot), talk too much or in a loud voice, or be overly confident with their ideas. They are prone to expanding on the facts due to enthusiasm, and should be careful when using exaggeration and shouldn’t exaggerate everything and to try and use some restraint and balance, and judgment. The expansion of Mercury-Jupiter’s intellectual perspective is part of their long-term evolvement. Exploring new subjects and fields of learning will also be a part of this extension. But because they may be reluctant to pay too much attention to the fine details, for these types may not be particularly good with ventures which require thoroughness and concentration. According to Liz Greene, these people can edit out what they don’t want to deal with. Moreover, in all kinds of learning, they tend to go for the big picture and they’re likely to be open to new and expansive ideas and probably eager to explore the world, literally or intellectually. Studying uplifting subjects helps to lift them from humdrum routines and stale attitudes; for they have restless and inquiring minds which are best suited to making broad connections and generating progressive and inspired ideas for which others can provide the detailed backup. Many of these types may also feel lucky with information and if they walk into a bookstore their nose will lead them to the exact book that they should read at that time. Mercury-Jupiter individuals fall in love with awesome and profound truths, and will immediately want to share what they’ve learned. These people often find amazing teachers who they feel that it is a great fortune learning from and then want to spread this knowledge and wisdom. Others are energized, stimulated, and excited by what they speak about. Exaggeration is literally a method of emphasizing something to increase its significance or draw attention to it. Exaggeration is growth. I am not saying to exaggerate something into ridiculousness, some things are over-amplified into unbelievability. The mentality is just larger than most people’s and this can have its positives and negatives. For instance, this traveling mind might like to travel physically, particularly if this involves learning a new language or encountering unfamiliar customs and beliefs which open their mind to other world-views. The mind of Mercury-Jupiter must seek new challenges and new horizons; and this may make them mentally inattentive, restless, lacking in concentration, and inclined to come up with exciting new ideas which, a while later, are forgotten as even grander ones arrive to take their place….

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