The Eiffel Tower Jump

Reichelt (alias the flying tailor) designed an overcoat to fly or float its wearer gently to the ground like the modern parachute. To demonstrate his invention he made a jump of 60 meters from the first deck of the Eiffel Tower, at that time the tallest man-made structure in the world. The parachute failed and[…]

Hall of Charts

The Temples on the Other Side by Sylvia Brown, contains the author’s thoughts on different temples in the afterlife. In Sylvia’s spiritual communications, the psychic conveys that there is a temple called the Hall of Charts. Before we move on, we are familiar with Sylvia Brown and the author calls herself a spiritual medium, claiming[…]

Virgo's criticism

Virgo’s Criticism

Virgo’s criticism involves a critical evaluation and it should be more highly valued, and not merely be seen as “nit-picking” or negativity. For example, if you are about to fork out a lot of money for a product, you read the reviews first before spending the cash. If you see that there are far more negative[…]

Astrology for Lovers

Astrology For Lovers by Liz Greene, first published in 1986. Astrology for Lovers, is one of the best books on the twelve zodiac signs. Liz Greene probes the psychological depths and characteristics inherent in a sign’s nature. According to the author, temperament is a priori subjective nature. And included in this colorful astrological guide, is[…]