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100 Astrological Tidbits: Part One

What cannot be emphasized too strongly in an astrological analysis of our parents is that the chart shows how we,

100 Astrological Tidbits: Part Three

Venus in the fourth house: Usually this position is indicative of harmonious and satisfactory conditions in the home and brings

100 Astrological Tidbits: Part Two

With Leo, potency in the world outside may not be that important. Obviously we have some glaring historical exceptions, such

The Hard Aspects: “Bad”

Question: There are some charts with all the planets squaring and opposing each other. How can people cope with such

The Trine is Just Fine

With a mystically inherited trine in the chart, it symbolizes what you do inherently and without much struggle. Trines come

The Astrology of Acne

Question: Are there certain natal signs/houses/aspects/transits/progressions that cause acne? Overall, I think of Aries/1st house/Mars are involved and sometimes with

Fatalistic Astrology

Question: In some ways, I really like astrology and find it a useful tool but in other ways, I find

Biography and Astrology

Astrologers say that the most valuable way to learn astrology is through the use of a biography. It is an

The Hard Aspects: Internal Conflicts – Updated

On the astrological chart, squares and oppositions represent our internal conflicts, which are, to say the least, the most dramatic

Astrology: The Unfolding Personality

Question: Does the astrology chart unfold over time? The natal chart is not static, it continually unfolds. The continual movements