Copycat and Saturn-Pluto

Copycat and Saturn-Pluto

Another one of my favorite films is Copycat. The movie is about Dr. Helen Hudson (Sigourney Weaver) an expert criminologist. After giving a lecture at the local university she is trapped in the lavatory by one of her previous subjects Cullum. He sneaks into the toilet and waits for the Doctor to make her entrance. The killer captures her and kills a police officer at the scene. He brutally attacks Helen leaving her deeply traumatized. After the attack, she becomes a severe agoraphobic and hides in her apartment. However, it seems the dark underworld won’t leave her alone. A copycat killer is out there on a killing spree, and Helen is forced to help with the case.

There are elements in this movie that remind me of the Saturn-Pluto aspect. Helen’s lifelong work is to analyze criminals and understand the psychological motivations that underpin them. However, when Pluto (underworld) knocked a little too close to home, every door was bolted in her apartment and the doctor stayed in hiding (Saturn). The once confident psychologist was now a recluse hiding from the darkness in society. Any anxiety disorder can be linked to Saturn or Pluton, and these planets rule fears, limitations, and all kinds of anxieties.

With Saturn and Pluto in aspect, it symbolizes the terror of that unknown and uncontrollable force outside. The alarm reaction to something frightening and threatening (Pluto). Saturn in astrology is about known security, safety, and structure. The elements of Pluto are unknown, terrifying, and destructive. This contact can symbolize being abnormally security conscious for fear of attack by criminals. Some individuals with this aspect work as a security guard, and it is not hard to picture the two heavies together ensuring no one gets past them undetected – they do make a powerful team.

In the case of our Psychologist, she attempted to define the murderer, and therefore what is “known” is safe and could be used as a defense system. With Saturn, we can become the master of our fears and anxieties, and attempt to overcome that fear through facing anxiety head-on.

The Saturn-Pluto contact is symbolic of deep mistrust of authority, and particularly with hard aspects, something freezes and never thaws. However, the individual can be in positions of power themselves and hold the mighty power sword. Both planets, especially together, often represent a strong urge for power and control.

Liz Greene says that the individual with this aspect is both Hitler and the persecuted scapegoat. Helen Hudson bolted every door shut and nailed down all the windows, and still, Pluto entered the psyche, and this is because we cannot lock-out any part of nature, even the uncomfortable side.

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