Taurus: The Ten Commandments

1397603.png1. You ought not to be excessively sensual. This sign indicates that the northern world is becoming more beautiful as we move through it. We like taking long walks in the woods, experiencing the great force of nature, which signifies man’s powerful attunement to his natural surroundings, when passing through this sign. Taurus is the earthiest sign, and it is in its fixed phase (fixed signs are also known as persistent kinds), which means that it is constantly chasing after unsatisfied wants. An individual born under the sign of Taurus perceives their world through the senses of colour, art, design, music, and touch. The individual just likes the sensual experience and employs his or her body as a means of expressing pleasure. However, while many astrologers and laypeople alike are quick to label Scorpio as a sex addict, it is in fact the sign of Taurus that derives the greatest pleasure from the physicality of love. Strong physical cravings and a great magnetism are commonly awoken in the Taurean, and when aroused, the male species can be a stud bull. This is also an indication that is related with the pleasure-pain conscious, due to the fact that it is self-indulgent.

2.You are not permitted to be overly possessive. I own” and “I possess” are the phrases represented by the sign, and they can represent a significant amount of force exerting their tremendous psychological weight to impose their will on anybody. At times, the individual will not allow a partner to be free, and therefore this possession can relate to both loved ones and material possessions. Despite the fact that Taurus is a sign that appears to be sturdy and impenetrable, this Venusian sign is not to be underestimated. What hurts the most for this devoted and loving individual is discovering that a spouse has been cheating, is untrustworthy, or is otherwise unstable. Taurus is not one to be taken for a fool, and he is able to see right through BS when it is presented to him. Taurus appears peaceful and unruffled on the outside, but the primary rule is: don’t bother the Taurean, and the Taurean will not disturb you. It is said in an ancient saying that, “Beware of the wrath of the patient man.” A volcano does not erupt frequently; instead, it builds up over time and eventually bursts. This is clear, and many years can pass without any type of drama.

3.Thou must not be too materialistic – For many people, the accumulation of stuff and living in continual fear that something could happen to their possessions is a source of overpowering anxiety. They are frequently entrenched in the worlds of business, banking, and real estate, among other things. Owning is vital and necessary, but only in its correct context, and goods should not be treasured above the values of spirit, love, and camaraderie that should be prioritised. Taurus have extraordinary abilities for manifesting things on the physical level, and he is capable of creating goods of exquisite beauty. The individual is a “good provider” who strives to create a high-quality living for his or her family, and he or she possesses a profound sense of resourcefulness that is highly regarded. The most serious snare a person like him may fall into is becoming enslaved to the material world. One cannot always blame the soul since, in this zodiacal zone, we are confronted with the physical foundation of life, which is energy upon matter and the constant, cumulative effort, as well as the richness of existence, which we must contend with. Taurus is not interested in anything that is inexpensive, yet one of the most essential lessons is the ability to look past the surface to what is truly underlying.

4.There is an inertia to the individual who has been peacefully grazing on the same plot of ground for years. This is something that must be avoided at all costs. Taurus is in a long-lasting and adored marriage, as well as in a successful career and enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. When it comes to their nature, the three key words are passive, patient, and placid, but disturb this sense of security and a Taurean is likely to erupt in violence. More often than not, they take a gentle approach, plodding through life, but there is the stubborn, unflinching, and immovable bull who refuses to change his or her mind. There is, without a doubt, a quiet strength and a fierce drive, yet plans are put on hold until the individual can save up enough money, or until the timing feels perfect, and the individual opposes change or crisis. Despite the fact that they have innate capabilities of preservation, life is not a stationary creature and will always seek to grow.

5. Do not be so insecure – A sign that requires this amount of protection must be extremely insecure on some level, and their greatest worry is that all they have worked so hard to get will be taken away. It is possible that some unexpected disaster may cause their magnificent collection, house, family life, and assets to be disturbed. According to Walter H Samuel, it is uncommon for the sign to be on the lookout for danger because these folks enjoy the tranquil sanity and desire the quiet existence. The do not disturb sign seems totally at home in this setting.

6. I will not overindulge – A Taurean is a person who enjoys the finer things in life, such as pleasure and luxury. All of these pleasures are, without a doubt, within reach of the wealthy. Taurus, on the other hand, must be on the lookout for the impact and temptation of every type of excess, including food, alcohol, money avarice, and sex, since they are susceptible to becoming intensely aroused. The desire for a luxury diet can result in weight issues, self indulgence, lethargy, and stagnation.

7. Thou shall not hold on so tightly – Of course, this is all very similar to being trapped in a rut, coupled with consumerism and possessiveness, which are all quite common in our society. Although it may stand alone as a great virtue to follow, Taureans will only move when it is absolutely required to. Taurus is the true gardener of their lives, and they have the ability to establish a new garden wherever. Unless something else is definitely assured, the individual will not be able to let go of a spouse, a stable career, or a routine that has become part of the routine.

8. Thou shall not be overly passive – It appears that when Taureans are extremely tranquil, loving, and of the flowery sort, they are more likely to have violent nightmares, which is not unexpected given all of their unfulfilled needs, according to Kathleen Burt. According to the author, the individual may have a proclivity to draw volcanic eruptions in the outside world. The individual feels so calm and comfortable, and they are enjoying simple pleasures, that they are unable to move for a long period of time. Normally, Taurus needs a catastrophe to get him or her out of their comfort zone, yet the individual can truly discover the divine on the planet. The individual does not want to disturb the tranquilly of the environment, and they are often even-tempered and steady individuals who are unlikely to cause trouble. However, being overly passive can sometimes invite the scorpion side of life (opposite sign), and the individual is then confronted with uncertainty and dangerous passions hidden beneath the surface that burst forth. However, by taking a few risks, the spirit is able to develop their powerful creative gifts to their fullest potential, which is beneficial.

9. Thou shall not be greedy – Again, this sums up all of the other affirmations of excessive sensuality, excessive materialism, and excessive possessiveness, and it is rooted in the Minotaur myth, which involves King Minos making a deal with the watery god Poseidon in exchange for control over the seas in exchange for a beautiful white bull. Because he was greedy, he deceived the deity and substituted a lesser gift for the original. In retaliation, the god requested that Aphrodite afflict the King’s wife with an uncontrolled love for the white bull as a kind of punishment. The tormented love-up and passionate husband sought the assistance of a carpenter in order to construct a wooden bull in which she could disguise herself in order to mate with the beast.. The result of this marriage was Minotaur, a terrifying beast with the body of a man and the head of a bull, who lived off the flesh of humans in order to survive. In this way, it serves to remind us of the earthy and materialistic character of the world, as well as the monsters that may be formed when selfish greed takes precedence and the ego is fed by desire, which can grow monstrous in its dominion over the soul. It is believed that being governed by one’s desires reduces one’s human status to that of a beast, and the tale represents the flesh’s rebellion against the spiritual world. Lust, power, and greed are all wants that Taurus must battle, and it is possible that he will have to learn to control his impulses, which may overrun a man’s will.

10. Though shall not be so inflexible – We come face to face with the most obstinate member of the zodiacal tribe. Even if it may refer to other qualities, everything about the zodiac signs characteristics always turns to meet the archetypal core meaning of the sign in question. The individual is averse to taking chances and longs for the ground to feel strong and stable, making him or her unable to leap into the unknown with the same ease as others. We have a tremendous deal of inflexibility, which is accompanied with feelings of insecurity and anxiety of an uncertain future.

In the interest of full disclosure, I completely cheated on the list, but it still covers the essential elements of the symbol.