Taurus: The Ten Commandments

1397603.png1. Thou shall not be over sensual During the passage through this sign, the northern world becomes decorated with the beauty of flowers and we enjoy taking long walks in the woods, sensing this powerful force of nature, which represents man’s powerful attunement to his natural environment. In Taurus, we meet the earthiest sign in its fixed phase (fixed signs – also known as persistent types) and often chasing of unfulfilled desires. A Taurean experiences their environment through colour, art, design, sound, and touch. The individual simply adores the sensuous experience and uses the body as an instrument of delight. Many astrologers and alike are quick to call Scorpio a sex addict, when really – it is the sign of Taurus which finds the deepest pleasure in the physicality of love. The Taurean is frequently struck with strong physical desires and a powerful magnetism and the male species can be a stud bull when aroused. Being self-indulgent, this is also a sign that is associated with the pleasure-pain conscious.

2. Thou shall not be over-possessive – The sign’s phrase is “I own” and the “I possess” and can be quite a huge bulk of a force using their immense psychic weight to impose their will upon anyone. Sometimes the individual won’t allow a partner freedom and so this possession can refer to loved ones as much as physical things. Taurus is a sign that can appear solid and unbreakable, and this Venusian sign ain’t no pushover. What hurts the most, for this loyal and loving individual is to find out a partner has been cheating is unreliable,  or unstable. The individual won’t be taken for a fool, and Taurus can see through bullshit. A calm exterior and unruffled appearance fools others, but the basic rule is: Don’t disturb Taurus, and the Taurean won’t disturb you. The ancient proverb says “Beware the anger of the patient man.” Simple enough, and many years can pass without any kind of drama, a volcano does not erupt often; it builds up over time and then explodes.

3. Thou shall not be overly materialistic – The amassing of possessions and living in constant worry that something may happen to their things is often an overriding fear. They are often immersed in the world of business, finance, and property. While owning is valuable and necessary; it needs to be valued in its proper domain and possessions do not take the place of spirit, love and companionship. Taurus has amazing powers for manifesting things on the physical plane and can create items of earthly beauty. The individual is a “good provider” and wants to provide a quality life, and there is a deep resourcefulness that is highly admired. But the greatest rut such a person can fall into is being bound to the material world. One cannot always blame the soul, we are faced with the physical foundation of life in this zodiacal region, which is energy upon matter and the steady, cumulative effort, and the richness of existence. Taurus is not into anything cheap, but one of the most valuable lessons is seeing beyond the physical to what really lies beneath.

4. Thou shall not get stuck in a rut – There is a definite inertia in the individual, quietly grazing on the same patch of land for years. We find Taurus in a long cherished marriage, and in an established business and loving the comfortable life. Generally a peaceful sign, the three keys words applied to their nature describe them aptly: passive, patient, and placid, but disturb this security and a Taurean is likely to get violent, more often, they have a gentle approach plodding through life, but there is also the stubborn, unflinching, immovable bull that refuses to change. Admittedly, there is the silent strength, and a powerful determination, but plans get delayed until they can save enough money, waiting until the time feels right and the individual resists change or crisis. They possess natural powers of preservation, but life is not a stationary thing and will always seek growth.

5. Thou shall not be so insecure – A sign that needs so much security must be heavily insecure on some level, and their greatest fear is for all that has been slowly built to be taken away. It could be their beautiful collection, home, family life and valuables to be disturbed by some sudden destruction. It’s rare for the sign to look for trouble for as Walter H Samuel claims, these individuals adore the quiet sanity, and seek the quiet life. The do not disturb sign, fits right at home.

6. Though shall not overindulge – A Taurean adores the good life, its pleasure and luxury. Money can obviously afford all of these luxuries. However, a Taurus must be on guard of the influence and temptation of to every form of excess, including, food, drink, financial greed, and sex, as they can get deeply aroused. The love of a luxurious diet can lead to weigh problems, self indulgence, laziness and stagnation.

7. Thou shall not hold on so tightly – Of course, this is all similar to being stuck in a rut, along with materialism, and possessiveness. However, it can stand alone as a powerful virtue to follow, and Taureans will only move when necessary. Taurus is really the gardener of their life, and can also planet a new garden elsewhere. The individual will not leg go easily of a partner, reliable job, or habitual routine, unless something else is absolutely guaranteed.

8. Thou shall not be overly passive – Apparently, according to Kathleen Burt, when Taureans are of the overly peaceful, loving and of the flowery variety, they tend to have violent dreams and not surprising due to all of their frustrated desires. The author notes, the individual may tend to attract volcanic blow ups in the outer world. The individual is so relaxed, comfortable, enjoying basic pleasures that they hardly move again. Usually, Taurus needs the crisis to fall out of this comfort zone, but the individual really can find the heavenly on Earth. The individual does not to want to shake its peacefulness and they are usually even-tempered and stable souls, unlikely to cause upset. However, being overly passive sometimes invites the scorpion side of life (opposite sign) and the individual is then faced with uncertainty and dangerous passions hiding underneath which burst forth, but it helps the soul to to develop their powerful creative gifts to their fullest by taking a few risks.

9. Thou shall not be greedy – Again, this sums up all the other affirmations of over sensuality, over-materialistic and over-possessive and is rooted in the Minotaur myth, involving King Minos making a deal with the watery god Poseidon, promising him a beautiful white bull in exchange for control over the seas. Being greedy he cheated the god and offered an inferior gift in its place. In revenge, the god asked Aphrodite to afflict the King’s wife with an uncontrollable lust for the white bull. The afflicted love-up and passionate spouse, asked for a carpenter’s help to build a wooden bull in which she disguised herself so she could mate with the creature. The offspring of the union was Minotaur, a frightening beast with the body of a man and the head of a bull, which required human flesh to survive. It serves to reminds us of the earthy and materialistic nature and the monsters created when selfish greed takes precedence and the ego is fueled by desire which can grow monstrous in its domineering power over the soul. To be controlled by the passions is thought to sink the human being onto the level of beast and the myth has symbolic meaning of the flesh rebelling against the spiritual. Lust, power, greed are desires to overcome and it is believed that Taurus may need to control the instincts which overpower a man’s will.

10. Though shall not be so inflexible – We meet the most most stubborn person of the zodiacal tribe. It probably harks back to other traits, but everything regarding the zodiacal characteristics always turns to meet its archetypal core meaning. Another sign of the later bloomer group, it takes time to fully show their talents (we tend to fit all the earthy signs in this grouping for taking longer to fully flower). The individual does not like to take risks and longs for the ground to feel settled and firm, unable to leap into the unknown as easily as others. We have this great inflexibility which is wrapped up in insecurity, and fear of an unknown future.

(P.S totally cheated on the list, but it still contains the basic trappings of the sign)