venus in scorpio lady in black with fan hiding some of her face
Those born with Venus in Scorpio need relationships which provide emotional depth, intensity and the potential for transformation. Venus here cannot stand relating to others in a superficial way, and they desire a deep, intense, passionate union.

They marry the person they love on a very deep emotional level, and they are extremely  possessive and jealous of any threat to that relationship. The partner’s commitment and loyalty must be unflinching, and they tend to be somewhat suspicious of even platonic, friendly relationships that a partner has.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign and possesses the capacity for enduring love, and so betrayal and humiliation are rarely forgiven or forgotten. If they are betrayed, they are capable of hating with as much force and intensity as they once loved. Often early painful experiences are concealed by Venus in Scorpio, and in doing so, they protect great their vulnerability and hidden sensitivity.

The right partner in life is vital, someone who will give purpose to the scorpion’s life and driving power to his or her ambitions. Love is essential, an absolute necessity. Scorpio people are wise and shrewd, emotional and magnetic, in short quite fascinating…If they want something then they want it so badly they can taste it. It becomes an obsession…no one will go to greater extremes for you…the sign ensures nothing is done by halves..and when she stings, you, she can really hurt, but will only do it when betrayed. Love Stars: A Guide to All Your Relationships by Petulengro, Claire (2003) Paperback

Sometimes the darker undercurrents  of love – cruelty, abuse, and crisis drive them into deep and shadowy relationship patterns. Venus in Scorpio seeks nothing less than complete merging with a partner, and much of the love nature is tangled up in power-struggles and maintaining control. Following an argument Scorpio’s often have too much pride to offer an apology, and so their love nature is repressed and everything simmers and seethes underneath like a volcano ready to erupt.

Sexuality for Venus in Scorpio is more a matter of emotion and they long to taste the depths of sweet surrender. There isn’t anything lukewarm about Scorpio’s love, and they how to read lovers on an emotional and soul level. In love no one likes to lose what they have become attached to, and no one is left unaffected by relationships without changing.

With Venus in the sign of Scorpio you’re ardent and passionate in your primary relationship, and insists that your partner returns the intensity of your emotions. You’re likely to enjoy the heights of passion if your love is matched in intensity, finding yourself thrust into a world of almost painful pleasure. Sensual pleasure is important to you, although you like to discover your partner’s inner most thoughts and feelings. Problems can occur when your love isn’t returned, and if your partner can’t keep the intense fires of passion burning. Then your likely to suffer the depths of despair, perhaps even resorting to manipulation in order to keep your partner’s attention.

Secret liaisons could play a part in your relationships, either your own or your partner’s, particularly if the intensity becomes too claustrophobic.Jealousy and thoughts of vengeance can be a problem, although you would be wise not to give in to follow these avenues. Your challenge is to use your resources to find a middle patterns between the highs and the lows of intense emotion with relationships. Your relationships can then flourish as important resources in your life. At some stage in life you may benefit financially or through a legacy from an important relationship. By Stephanie Johnson