saturn-in-7th-house-astrologyAn individual with Saturn in the 7th house usually wants a serious and committed relationship, but here we find that there is a cautious and reserved approach to relating. Developing more confidence and overcoming old fears of being hurt and rejected is an important part of development. A great fear exists in their interactions with others which is often conditioned by the anxiety that others won’t accept them.

Partnerships are an important component of their life, and perhaps their profession. Marriage is a serious commitment and not to be entered into lightly. Astrologer Liz Greene says that this person will attract to themselves situations which involve some degree of pain, isolation and disappointment until he or she begins to orientate himself towards an inner search. Other tough lessons often involve needing to learn how to be in an equal partnership and work within the boundaries of a relationship.

Requirements for a mate can be very exacting with this placement and Saturn here suggests that some duty and responsibility are also necessary. Relationships are not always easy, and sometimes the individual with this placement feels as if they have little or no romantic possibilities. Saturn in the 7th house will first have to deal with the feeling of being undeserving, and even if there are painful experiences connected to relating this is where personal defining will take place, and is the most important area of growth.

In alchemical symbolism this marriage is always accompanied by darkness and death previous to the distillation of the elixir; and the darkness which often accompanies a seventh house Saturn is matched only by the brilliance of the gold which is also promised. Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil

Saturn in the 7th house can create barriers to relationships out of fear, and the individual may be afraid of the degree of commitment that a relationship requires. The partner in life is sometimes viewed as an additional responsibility, a burden, and a handicap and they feel imprisoned by the marriage. There might be frequent obstacles getting in the way of forming a real relationship. Saturn here may test and analyze their lovers constantly, asking for concrete definitions of commitment through their own need for security.

This placement can suggest that responsibility is looked for in a partner, and the person needs time to evaluate a potential lover. Prestige and standing may also be important credentials in a potential mate, and sometimes they look for a partner who can provide a safe and secure life. Saturn here may be recognized through a practical stance and down-to-earth attitude towards relationships. For Saturn in the 7th house, a relationship needs to have goals and there is a need to feel safe and secure in a partnership. Therefore, they weigh up a potential partner carefully and don’t rush into a marriage.

Sometimes they choose someone who is is inadequate or form a partnership with a significant age gap. Or even form a relationship with a partner that is in a different financial bracket, or, somebody who is much further along career wise. On the negative side, instead of being reliable, hardworking and trusting, a partner may become cold, aloof, indifferent, restrictive and inhibiting. A good partnership for the individual is one that is rock-solid and dependable, but the problem is that they sometimes hold onto relationships out of a sense of obligation and fear of the future. Above all, they need someone they can trust and respect.

Wherever Saturn falls in the chart, we feel that we are lacking, undeveloped and crippled. In this view, the area of relationships can, for some people with this placement, feel like a handicap. The slowest lesson to learn when being in a relationship is to focus on overcoming this fear of being vulnerable. Saturn in the 7th house takes the whole relationship business extremely serious, and once they have decided to go for it, that’s it. They want to make sure they make the right choice. Some will be drawn to the traditional side of relationships, and they want the church wedding and everything is a formality. They may look for a conventional partner, marry late in life, or choose a partner who is more mature and already established. Saturn’s strength and determination in making a relationship work should never be underestimated and they make an astute and loyal lover.

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