Month: October 2014

Scorpio: Songs of the Zodiac

Barbault described the sign as “the cemetery of the zodiac.” This portrayal, although morbid, is accurate as Scorpio rules any

The Astrology of Space Exploration

Here is a look at the astrology of the exploration of our universe. We generally associate space with the planet

Jupiter Conjunct, Square, Opposite Pluto

Those with Jupiter conjunct, square or opposite Pluto can often experience remarkable ups and downs in life. The aspect can

Mercury in the 1st House

Those with Mercury in the 1st house have a powerful need for self-expression through communication, and they convey a searching

Low Self Worth, Self-Hatred and Feeling Unlovable

Saturn and Pluto appear to be present when an individual feels inadequate, unlovable, and not good enough. Psychologists have studied

Uranus: Mind Over Matter

It was William James who observed that our first act of free-will is choosing to believe in free-will. In astrology,

Mars: The Burning Coal

Mars in astrology symbolises the kind of energy we direct forward, it is brute strength and is all about taking

The Water Houses: Too Much Psychoanalysis?

The water houses involve the 4th, 8th and 12th spheres of the horoscope and are most referenced to in the

The Ascendant: Two Versions of the Self

We all don a psychological mask every time we enter into a public situation. The Ascendant in the chart is