Jupiter Astrology: Who’s Yer Daddy?

17c41e67bd0fa89cd96f8f9f4a984e81Jupiter corresponds to the increase of celestial energy. This results in the expanding mind and the spread of ideas, philosophies and concepts. It can, however, emerge in over-expansion as it possesses a life-embracing view. It is within Saturn’s realm where we find the contraction of vitality, the cross of matter over the soul – limitations and tests. Jupiter symbolizes the image of god, the father, as a loving, supportive, and protective deity. Saturn corresponds to the dominant, authoritative strict father abiding by rules and standing for structure and discipline. Psychologically, Saturn symbolizes a rigidly fixed energy, clinging to stabilized, conservative, predictable expressions of consciousness. Jupiter seeks to enlarge the scope and sees beyond the horizon so that a wider range of consciousness may triumph. In its most evolved form, Jupiter expands creativity and gives free range for the soul to explore beyond its normal boundaries, moving beyond the interpersonal to an expansion of philosophical, moral, religious, or visionary insights.

Jupiter Astrology

When astrologers speak of the “higher mind” of Jupiter, they are referring to a sophisticated use of the mind that unfolds in fulsome dynamism and banquets on everything containing a joyful life The planet is always ever- broadening our feelings with affirming actions and hopes. Philosophy, art, spiritual doctrines, charity, moral awareness, and metaphysical systems all play a key role in the Jupiter imagery. At root, there is a longing to know more about life and the larger cosmos. Jupiter carries out a function that dispenses from some vast storehouse of resources, such as a judge – particularly in providing good or ethical knowledge, or professor – this is helpful in the giving of worldly knowledge, or priest – offering religious wisdom, or inner spiritual understanding.

In this elevating psyche-expanding process, it links us to broader collective values: moral insight, a sense of greater justice, and a larger understanding of social order. All individuals work for the advancement of this larger order–particularly in the appeal for “justice” or in the advancement of social values in need of further development–humanity is itself expanded. Jupiter has a psychic factor for it helps us to gain insights and is said to rule opportunity and good luck because, once triggered, its “mind -expanding” purpose allows us to recognize a treasure of opportunities, openings, and new prospects that may have formerly gone unobserved. It is only by remaining open to such spiritual enhancing potentials that we’re more likely to stimulate such experience in our lives.

Jupiter in the horoscope aids us in a larger role where our personal identity can integrate itself into a wider sphere. It contains a social or collective significance, expressly through chasing significant and meaningful positions that expand the principles of the overall ethos. All of this is central to considering Jupiter’s connection to figures in the world-at-large who are kingly, and act as an essential caretaker to the people, along with a socially and culturally valuable part  to play; he is the protector or one dispenses gifts, resources from “higher positions” of authority and responsibility. Sometimes he is known to be something of a guardian angel, connecting us on a divine level and can lead a social group to success, offer gold, fame, and glory. Jupiter is symbolic of the golden opportunity of a lifetime, or it could be knowledge of a greater awareness.

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