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Sun-Uranus: Rebel Life

Question: Self-willed people do not care about others. They only seek things that will help them and their cause. How do you get a Sun-Uranus personality to be less stubborn, unreliable, unpredictable, unstable, and generally wanting things their own way? Sun-Uranus types are not always fond of the law and order brigade anything that is dynamically trying to suppress their nature. They enjoy being different as it is valuable in its own right. Many have interests and attributes that may not match those of the people around them or fit with other parts of their personality. The person need not be a revolutionary, just a human being who says to the world and everyone in it, “I am going to be my own person, and I will resist anyone who tries to stop me.” The person often wants to be free of confines and live in a world with sudden turns, surprising relationships, and the continual fascination of the unknown. Those with the Sun in aspect Uranus wouldn’t want to have the personality of a bar-code, they secretly revel in surprising others. These types resist all expectations outer and inner alike. They choose to act from a choice of freedom. They resist control, even self-control, and enjoy flouting rules and expectations. Those with this contact in the natal chart work toward their own goals in their own way, and while they refuse to do what they’re supposed to do, they can accomplish their own aims. The highest priority for Uranians is to be different from everybody else – including other Uranian people. In a very provocative way, this can become a contest of individuality. People who personify uniqueness and individuality are those who inevitably surprise and, sometimes, shock and direct us, and whose behavior is almost always the opposite of expectations…A woman with Sun/Uranus contacts (or perhaps Uranus in a relationship house) who selects direct and independent men may have cause to regret the choice later when she begins to perceive him as undependable, unreliable, and never around. Gradually, she comes to resent her partner’s independence as well as a loss of her own freedom. In a very real sense, her own desires are mirrored in the behavior of the partner. Such women have projected their own real need for freedom and self-assertiveness onto their partners (although few will rarely admit this to themselves)…Once they are able to express this energy, Uranus women won’t feel the target of someone else’s expression of freedom. Doris Hebel The Sun-Uranus person is rarely ever able to endure the strict leadership of others or to accept the ideas of “eternal laws.” The type is more inclined to believe, rightly or wrongly, that there is no power in the world which cannot be overthrown. When the Sun is in aspect to Uranus, the personality brings an unshackled spirit to what they do. As the epitome of the kind of personality that will do the opposite, a Uranian once said: ” Being told or expected to something creates a halt sensation that I have to actively overcome. If I’m asked to empty the bins, my brain says, ‘Well, I was going to, but now you went and asked, so I can’t. So no.'” So people who live with someone with a Uranian personality must guard against accidentally igniting their spirit of opposition. Sun-Uranus types sometimes frustrate even themselves, because they can’t tell themselves what to do. The person says, “My compulsion not to do what people tell me makes me change place of living or change my life in one way or another. I often wish I could settle down.” There is almost always a powerful streak of independence in their nature, and these people often act on the assumption that they have the right to do whatever they want, regardless of various responsibilities or duties they might have assumed. One finds willfulness and the “I-know-it-all” attitude in many of these people, although those with the challenging aspects tend to exemplify this trait more than others…They often seem pushed into making radical departures from the norm or from their old way of life simply as a release of tension. Those with challenging aspects, therefore, often toss aside that which other people might retain. In their excitement about the possibilities of new and freer horizons of life, they seem to feel that the quickest way to get on to the new is to simply dump the old without reservation or any trace of sentimentality. And, because they believe in what they do an in their right to do almost anything, they are not secretive about their plans; they tend to be uncompromisingly sincere and honest, although often tactless and insensitive to others’ feelings. Stephen Arroyo Sun-Uranus likes to flout the usual rules and customs that often include the words should or shouldn’t. Examples are: “You shouldn’t major in art because computer science is where the jobs are; “You should have short hair after forty.” There are thousands of rules which we’d be better off without. A lot of Sun-Uranus people do have sensitivity and care about people and manage to find an outlet for their Uranian personality, but there are probably some who come across as being inconsiderate. To be free does not mean denying responsibilities to our loved ones. It includes the freedom to make choices to be responsible. The person enjoys the freedom to breathe in whatever air they choose, in whatever location, without worrying about what everyone else thinks about their choices….

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